Büning is convinced: the majority of Bocholters are in favor of a town hall renovation

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Frank Büning is certain that the majority of Bocholters are in favor of a million dollar renovation of the town hall. The spokesman for the left in the city council derives this insight from the result of the past local elections. In the end, the supporters of the restructuring received a clear majority, and that makes the case clear, according to the former [...]

Additional orchard in the Bocholt industrial park

Bocholt (PID). In the Bocholt industrial park, on a public area on the “Harderhook” street, a new orchard is currently being created: ESB forces are deploying 29 young trees there, including apples, pears, quince, walnuts and plums. The new orchard on an area of ​​around 4.400 square meters is located near an old farm, in the vicinity of which [...]

The right lane on Willi-Brandt-Straße is closed

Bocholt (PID). For work on the facade of the shopping arcades and work in the tree bed, the right lane of Willi-Brandt-Straße and the sidewalk will be partially blocked from Monday, November 30, 2020 until probably Friday, December 4, 2020. Road users can walk or drive past the construction site.

Dr. Kerstin Ettl becomes a professor in Bocholt

Bocholt. The idea is not yet fully understandable for Dr. Kerstin Ettl (38) that she is now working in Bocholt as the successor of the professor, whose studies and experience flowed into her own doctorate and shaped her. When Ettl wrote her doctoral thesis on “Entrepreneurs and success from an individual and contextual perspective” in 2007, she read “The [...]

Burglary in residential building

Bocholt (ots) - Strangers broke into a residential building in Bocholt-Suderwick on Thursday night. In order to get into the building on Hellweg, the perpetrators had pried open a side door. At the time the ad was posted, it was not yet clear whether the burglars had stolen something. The police asks for information to the police in Bocholt under [...]

Pedelec stolen

Bocholt (ots) - Thieves were targeting a women's pedelec in Bocholt on Monday. The perpetrators stole a Gazelle Arroyo C7 + electric bike with a matt black frame. The theft occurred between 08.00:11.30 a.m. and 02871:2990 a.m. on Unter den Eichen. The criminal investigation department in Bocholt requests information: Tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

Drunk at the wheel

Bocholt (ots) - While drunk, a driver was driving on the B67 in the Bocholt area on Wednesday evening. Police officers were able to stop the vehicle. It had previously driven in serpentine lines, briefly entered the opposite lane and almost crashed into a crash barrier. A breath alcohol test indicated that the driver had a blood alcohol level of around 1,3 per mil. The […]

Driven intoxicated against a parked car

Bocholt (ots) - A driver who caused a traffic accident in Bocholt on Wednesday consumed drugs. The 26-year-old was driving his car on Eintrachtstraße at around 15.50:5.000 p.m. The Bocholter hit a car that was parked on the side of the road. This resulted in property damage of around XNUMX euros. When the [...]

Another woman from Bocholt died in connection with Corona

In the Borken district, 1.197 people are currently infected with the coronavirus. 3.087 people have now recovered. In connection with the pandemic, there have been two more deaths in the past few days. A 92-year-old woman from Bocholt and an 85-year-old woman from Gescher died. This means that there have now been 75 deaths since the start of the corona pandemic. [...]

European week 2021: "#EUnited - common vision for the future"

Borken district. The European Minister Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner started the competition for the European Week 2021. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker. Municipalities, clubs, associations, schools, universities, facilities and institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia are invited to submit project ideas that support and spread the European idea in North Rhine-Westphalia. Award-winning projects receive up to 2.000 euros. [...]

Stephan Bauer's appearance completely canceled

Stephan Bauer's appearance on the Peperoni stage on December 19.12.2020, 17.00 will be canceled completely. Both the 20.00 p.m. and XNUMX p.m. show. There are no dates in the Drosselsaal for Stephan Bauer to play a program next year. The ticket money is paid out at the advance booking office of Hungerkamp KG, Westend in Bocholt - until [...]

Construction site noise at the "sewing box" parking garage

Bocholt (PID). Between November 30th and December 11th, 2020, there may be intermittent noise in downtown Bocholt near the parking garage “Am Sewing Box”. In the course of the renovation work, a high pressure water jet is used there. As is well known, the aging building is currently being renovated (see press release from June 2019). In order to repair cracks, damaged [...]

THW supports the fire brigade in Moers in fighting fires

Dad Technische Hilfswerk local association Bocholt / Borken has now supported the Moers fire brigade in fighting a fire in Repelen. For this purpose, respiratory protective equipment wearers from the clearing department and the rescue equipment were requested. Around five o'clock on Sunday morning, the four helpers from the rooms department were there to support the Moers fire brigade during a fire operation in Repelen. There was in a nursery [...]

Donated "Fietsen" are processed in EWIBO workshop for those in need.

Since 2016, in the workshop of the Development and Operating Company of the City of Bocholt (EWIBO), donated bicycles have been prepared and given to those in need under the guidance of educational staff. The 1000th bicycle has now been given to Mohammad Abdusattar Abubaker. The project idea arose in the course of the refugee immigration at the time. "The aim was to promote the integration and participation opportunities of refugees", [...]