7-day incidence below 100 - but another woman from Bocholt died

There have been two more deaths in connection with a coronavirus infection in the past few days. A 77-year-old man from Ahaus and an 89-year-old woman from Bocholt died. This means that 80 deaths have been recorded since the start of the corona pandemic. The number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus is currently 1091, eleven fewer than yesterday. In […]

New partnership alderman in Belgisch-Bocholt

´ Bocholt (EUBOH). In the Belgian twin town of Bocholt, Bert Schelmans has taken office as the new aldermen. He is the successor of the aldermen and party colleague Leo Cardinael, who suddenly died at the end of September. The new tasks of Schelman include town twinning and celebrations. In addition, Bert Schelmans will take care of spatial planning, living and the quality of living in [...]

Side window destroyed

Bocholt (ots) - Strangers in Bocholt smashed the side window of a parked car with a manhole cover. The vehicle had been parked on Kampstrasse - the act took place there between 18.00:08.00 p.m. Monday and XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. Tuesday. According to initial findings, the perpetrators did not steal anything from inside the car. The police are asking for [...]

ESB waste calendar 2021 will be distributed to households

Bocholt (PID). From mid-December, the Bocholt waste disposal and service company (ESB) will distribute the 2021 waste calendar to all households in Bocholt by post. The ESB points out that the distribution of the calendar is expected to take longer this year due to the corona pandemic. The background to this is that Swiss Post has to get by with fewer staff due to the corona pandemic [...]

Despite Corona: unemployment figures continue to fall

The number of SGB II unemployed in the Borken district fell further in November. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The local labor market has fortunately been stable so far, despite the pandemic-related risks. However, the effects of the renewed lockdown in November cannot yet be assessed at this point in time. The “job center in the district of Borken” indicates for the month [...]

City history: The Bocholt employment office in the new building

Bocholt (PID). After a 15-month construction period, the new administration building of the employment office on Hindenburgstrasse was handed over to its intended use on December 12, 1950. On this occasion, Director Carl Rinsche welcomed, among others, the Vice President of the State Labor Office in Münster, Wiesmann, Lord Mayor Otto Kemper, Oberstadtdirektor Ludwig Kayser and Oberkreisdirektor Alfons Lengert, who followed the reception with the appropriate [...]

On the move with a pedelec under drugs

Bocholt (ots) - The ride on a pedelec in Bocholt on Monday came to a momentous end for a 36-year-old. Police officers noticed the man when he was driving the cycle path on Petersfeldstrasse at around 22.15:25 p.m. - and apparently much faster than XNUMX km / h. The driving license required for a two-wheeler at such a speed [...]

City wants to take out around 2021 million euros in loans in 39

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The city of Bocholt plans to take out more than 39 million euros in loans in the coming year. That emerges from the draft budget, which tomorrow will be the main subject. and finance committee should discuss. In addition, 11,4 million euros will be withdrawn from the equalization reserve. Furthermore, around 17 million euros in commitment appropriations are to be set now. This is money that [...]

Elsweier's successor is to become head of department again

The new treasurer should be head of department again and thus get significantly more money and responsibility than his predecessor Kai Elsweier (photo). As is well known, he moved to the Märkischer Kreis a few weeks ago - not least because he was denied the chance of promotion to the administrative board in his hometown, mainly by the CDU

The city plants its Anne Frank freedom tree at the memorial in the city forest

The city of Bocholt received an Anne Frank freedom tree from the municipality of Aalten in the summer. It should now be planted next Friday - at the memorial of the former city forest camp (diagonally across from the Bocholt animal shelter). The mayors of both municipalities and the director of the National Onderduikmuseum Aalten will be there. Already on June 12th, the birthday [...]

Fire brigade families decorate Christmas tree

The youth fire brigade Bocholt (Suderwick group) has now supported the tree decoration of the St. Michael children's and youth club. Usually many children gather around the tree for this traditional event and are enthusiastically decorating the village square for Christmas. This year everything was different, but the Christmas tree looks wonderful in the end. In this […]

Workshops for the disabled in Corona times

Thursday (December 3.12rd) is the day of people with disabilities. In the Corona winter 20/21, Matthias Münning, Social Affairs Director of the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association (LWL), answers questions about the situation in the workshops for people with disabilities. Mr. Münning, why are the workshops open to people with disabilities in Westphalia-Lippe despite the high number of corona cases? Because the work for people with [...]

The music school's advent calendar does without chocolate

Bocholt (PID). The Bocholt-Isselburg Music School has come up with something special for the Advent season: starting on December 1st, a digital door will open every day on the Internet, behind which the musical contributions of the music school students are hidden. The calendar can be found at tuerchen.com/musikschule_bocholt_isselburg. The calendar is also linked to the music school's website and [...]

Schools in the district so far have no corona hotspots

Borken district. The schools in the Borken district are not yet corona hotspots. This assessment by the district health office is now underpinned by a current statistical survey by the education, school, culture and sport department of the district administration. District director Dr. Ansgar Hörster on Monday (November 30.11.2020th, XNUMX). In the month of November, which is now ending, there were [...]