New corona quarantine regulation in NRW

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has issued an ordinance that regulates the corona quarantine regulations for affected citizens uniformly across the country. After that, the quarantine obligation now applies immediately and automatically in most cases. This helps those affected who are waiting for their test result, who tested positive, or who have had close contact with someone who tested positive. At the same time, the [...]

Cooperation group organizes courier trips for corona tests

Bocholt (PID). On the initiative of the Bocholt volunteer agency, Bocholt retirement homes and the initiative “Helping hands of the parish of St. Josef” have set up a daily courier service for corona second tests. From Monday to Friday, the facilities will in future hand in their second Corona tests at the central collection point "Good Shepherd" on Karolingerstrasse. From there they are immediately sent to [...]

A tree as a symbol of peace and freedom

The planned celebration on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of peace along the German-Dutch border had to be canceled this year due to the corona. Aalten's mayor Anton Stapelkamp was all the more pleased that there was still an occasion to come together at the end of 2020. The Dutch community had given the city of Bocholt an Anne Frank freedom tree. The chestnut was this afternoon at the memorial of the former city forest camp [...]

Biodiversity funding program for private property owners

Bocholt (PID). Especially this year, which was under the motto “Vacation at home”, many will have come to appreciate their own garden again. A garden can not only offer recreation for people, but also a habitat for many plant and animal species. The city draws attention to the biodiversity funding program, which focuses on biodiversity [...]

New trees are planted at the Eisenhütte weir

Bocholt (PID). From Monday, December 7th, 2020 to Friday, December 11th, 2020, trees and bushes will be planted at the ironworks weir. Benches are also set up. Six weeping willows and rows of bushes are planted along the cycle path to the weir. “A weeping willow grows quickly into a medium-sized tree. Due to the wide, strong and vertical to the [...]

Equipment stolen

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown perpetrators stole tools from a building site in Bocholt on Friday night. The loot includes various Husqvarna and Makita devices. The crime scene is on Ulmenweg. The police asks for information to the criminal investigation department in Bocholt on Tel. (02871) 2990.

Motorcyclist slips away when turning

Bocholt (ots) - The 17-year-old driver of a light motorcycle suffered minor injuries in an accident in Bocholt on Friday. The young person wanted to turn right from Schwanenstrasse onto Westring at around 08.00 a.m. coming from the city center. The Isselburger stopped at the red light at the traffic light and drove off when the light signal [...]

Corona numbers are rising again slightly

In the Borken district, 897 people are currently infected with the corona virus. That is 22 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, too, the numbers rise again slightly by 4 to 155. The “7-day incidence” in the Borken district is currently 90,8 per 100.000 inhabitants.

“Volunteer Day” - as recognition and to promote commitment

Involvement in music or sports clubs, “neighborhood help” for sick and elderly people, and much more: volunteering has a wide variety of faces: In Germany, more than 31 million people do volunteer work. This picture is also reflected in the district of Borken: More than 50 percent of those over 16 years of age support others in their free time. Since […]

Witnesses wanted

Bocholt (ots) - A pedestrian suffered minor injuries in an accident in Bocholt on Thursday. The 21-year-old crossed Berliner Platz at around 18.15 p.m. A passing vehicle brushed them, explained the Bocholterin. According to her, the car moved away, although the injured party was still knocking on the side window. Investigations into the [...]

WITH VIDEO: Trucker Winni Biermann and Ense's Grim Reaper

By BIANCA MÜMKEN by trucker and tenor Winni Biermann there will be a new song soon. Together with musician Claudia Hirschfeld and producer Ady Zehnpfennig, Biermann recorded and arranged the carnival hit "The Grim Reaper" and also participated in a video shoot for it. "The musical instrumentalist Claudia Hirschfeld heard my voice on YouTube and Facebook and [...]

City rejects further corona funding for the time being

The SPD wanted to have 20.000 euros secured in the 2021 budget for a funding fund to finance corona-related additional expenditure for retailers, businesses and self-employed people and had submitted a corresponding application to the main and finance committee. Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff, the administration and the CDU were against it. "To what extent additional funds will be required in the next year, also taking into account [...]