Corona dent: Gigaset sales drop by 16,9 percent

Gigaset AG has now published the annual report for 2020. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the past financial year was a particular challenge for Gigaset AG. The 2020 financial year was clearly negatively influenced by Corona. This was also reflected in sales and earnings in all business areas. The countermeasures taken by the company very early on [...]

City library now also with a seed library

Ab Freitag, 23. April 2021, können Bibliotheksnutzerinnen und -nutzer neben Medien auch Saatgut ausleihen. Anlässlich des Welttages des Buches weiht die Stadtbibliothek ihre Saatgutbibliothek ein. Die Idee: Nutzerinnen und Nutzer „leihen“ das Saatgut kostenlos bei der Bibliothek, ernten nach der Blüte neues Saatgut und bringen es zurück. Die Stadtbibliothek feiert zusammen mit vielen anderen Bibliotheken, […]

Münsterland starts joint climate campaign

Gemeinsam für mehr Klimaschutz: Die regionale Klimakampagne “Münsterland ist Klimaland” ist heute (22. April) mit zwei digitalen Auftaktveranstaltungen an den Start gegangen. Mit dabei ist fast das ganze Münsterland: 58 Kommunen, darunter die Stadt Münster, und die vier Münsterland-Kreise haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um gemeinsam mit der Kampagne die Bürgerinnen und Bürger zum Einsatz für das […]

1. FC Bocholt sign Dario Schumacher from Bonner SC

1. FC Bocholt is again active in the transfer market for the coming season - and the sporting management has achieved a real coup: The Lower Rhine upper division has now signed the experienced midfielder Dario Schumacher from the regional division Bonner SC. The 28-year-old BSC captain for many years signed a league-independent [...]

NABU criticizes ongoing tree felling in the district

Despite the positive effect of trees in the context of climate change, avenues, inner-city trees and large, high-yielding trees such as oak in the outside area continue to fall in the Borken district. The nature conservation association NABU is now criticizing this. “Forests and parts of the forest are sometimes even cleared. Deforestation eliminates the cooling effect due to evaporative cold, carbon dioxide uptake and biotopes for many [...]

VSR water protection measures increased aluminum levels in well water

After evaluating the results of the well water investigations from 2019 and 2020 in the Borken district, the VSR water protection department determines acidification of the groundwater. One seventh of the samples would have pH values ​​below 6,0. “At such low values, harmful substances such as aluminum dissolve in the groundwater. The cause is the high ammonia losses in factory farming, which lead to [...]

Pedalec stolen

Bocholt (ots) - Thieves stole a pedelec on Tuesday night in Bocholt. The Kalkhoff 28 HE Endeavor 3.B Move electric bicycle, painted in matt gray, had been standing in front of a house on Tenkingstrasse, where the act took place between 20.00:08.00 p.m. Monday and XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. Tuesday. The police asks for clues to [...]

10 artists - 10 questions - culture despite Corona!

In times of Corona, culture is faced with new challenges: theaters and museums have to close, concerts are canceled, cultural workers are without orders. How are the artists in Münsterland doing in the coronavirus pandemic? In the interview series "10 artists - 10 questions - culture despite Corona!" report by cultural workers from the Borken district and with reference to [...]

Jennifer Schlaghecken visits the JU Bocholt

On April 09th, the new chamberlain and alderman of the city of Bocholt Jennifer Schlaghecken was a guest at the JU Bocholt. She had prevailed against a strong field of applicants in the run-up and was ultimately unanimously elected to this position at the last council meeting. Jennifer Schlaghecken informed the Junge Union, among other things, about the [...]

Bocholt is in bloom: maypole placed on the market

This early Wednesday morning the maypole was set up on the market in front of the historic town hall by employees of the waste disposal and service company of the city of Bocholt (ESB). The trunk and wreath of the maypole (4 meters in diameter) were prepared and decorated by the ESB. The wreath of the 11 meter high maypole is decorated with colorful ribbons and symbols. The maypole [...]

Vaccination of contact persons of pregnant women begins

According to the Corona vaccination ordinance, up to two close contact persons of pregnant women can be vaccinated as part of the second priority group. For this group of people, the district of Borken has now set up a form on the website that authorized persons can use to register. This is expressly not yet a specific vaccination offer. For this purpose, the reported [...]

Electric bike stolen at the train station

Bocholt (ots) - Thieves stole a Sparta pedelec last weekend in Bocholt. The bike had been locked in a bike rack at the train station. The act occurred there between 15.00:08.00 p.m. on Saturday and 02871:2990 a.m. on Monday. The police asks for information to the Kripo in Bocholt: Tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

Number of people infected with corona skyrocketed

In the Borken district, 21.04.2021 people are currently (April 0, 915, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That is 123 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number rose by 24 to 25 within 218 hours. Unfortunately, there have been three more deaths in connection with an infection in the past few days. The "7-day incidence" is currently 147,6 per [...]

Carlyle restructures Flender

After the American financial investor Carlyle bought the Bocholt-based gear manufacturer Flender at the beginning of March (we reported), he is now restructuring the company. First, the Flender Group GmbH was formed by renaming the Zephyr German TopCo GmbH, which belongs to the owner group. Another subsidiary, Zephyr German BidCo GmbH, was renamed Flender International. And the third was [...]