Internet-Date costs Bocholter a five-figure sum

On a dating platform in the summer of last year, a Bocholter met a person who posed as a woman living in Kenya and also an heiress of millions. In order to be able to preserve the inheritance, however, she still has to call in a lawyer, according to the Internet acquaintance. In the course of the correspondence, the alleged Kenyan also sent a photo of her ID card [...]

Social List opens new downtown office

The Bocholt Social List has a new citizens' office in the city center at Wesemannstrasse 21. The move took place at the end of the year. The previous office on Dinxperloer Strasse had become too small. "In addition, we have always wanted to have a contact point in the city center, in order to demonstrate closer proximity to the citizen and for interested citizens [...]

City history: At the opening of the new post office in 1927

After the end of the First World War, the previous post office in Osterstrasse, built in 1882 on the land of the former Diepenbrock property, no longer met the requirements of modern postal traffic. The discussions about a new building between the city administration, the Oberpostdirektion Münster and the property owners had already started in 1920, but the project was able to be completed during the period of inflation [...]

Slightly increasing numbers of infections in Bocholt

In the Borken district, 31.01.2021 people are currently (January 0, 380, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That's 6 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected rose by 3 to 36. The “7-day incidence”, ie the number of new infections reported per 100.000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, in the Borken district, according to the calculations of the district health office, is [...]

Without a license to drive

Police officers checked a 22.40-year-old driver on Bömkesweg on Saturday evening at around 22:XNUMX p.m. The Bocholter, who is also the owner of the car, admitted that he had never had a driver's license. The offense committed hereby will certainly stand in the way of acquiring the driver's license in the near future. The officers initiated criminal proceedings and forbade them to continue their journey.

Caused three traffic accidents under the influence of drugs

A 19-year-old driver from Bocholt caused three traffic accidents, two of them with an accident escape, on Saturday morning. At around 06.25:1 a.m., he had turned right onto Uhlandstrasse in his gray VW Golf 21 from Im Königsesch. He crashed into the car of a XNUMX-year-old from Bocholt, who was on the left-turn lane on Uhlandstrasse [...]

Municipalities provide support with trips to the "vaccination center"

As part of the latest mayors' conference, the heads of the Borken district and the 17 municipalities belonging to the district agreed that the cities and municipalities can provide support in cases of hardship in the transfer of elderly citizens to the “Borken District Vaccination Center” in Velen. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and Borkens Mayor Mechtild Schulze Hessing in [...]

“Sunken Bridge” ready for the cycling season in April

With the beginning of the cycling season in April, it should be possible to use the so-called “sunken bridge” and the cycle path on the Bocholter Aa. This is communicated by the building administration. At the construction site on Theodor-Heuss-Ring, the existing bridge over the Bocholter Aa will be crossed with a so-called trough structure. This “sunken bridge” should provide cyclists and pedestrians with a safe and [...]

Citizens' office and public order office move to Neutorplatz

The city's public order department, currently temporarily located at Westend (“Hungerkamp” building), is moving: from mid-March 2021, the citizens' office and other contact points of the department will be available at Neutorplatz. The move takes place for reasons of space. The result: better conditions for visitors and the workforce who work there. The public order department at the Westend (Hungerkamp building) [...]

Pestel Institute criticizes housing policy

The rents for single households taken over by the job center rose within a good six years (March 2014 to August 2020) by 10,5 percent, while consumer prices increased by only 6,5 percent during this period. The Pestel Institute has now stated in a press release. “When it comes to rents, what can be extracted is often extracted. Landlords build on [...]

City of Bocholt commemorates the victims of National Socialism

On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, the city of Bocholt, the Bocholt City Museum and class 9d of the Mariengymnasium, in cooperation with the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation and the VHS working group Synagogenlandschaften1945, remembered the day 76 years ago, when the concentration camp in Auschwitz was released. For this purpose, the students had prepared a presentation that [...]

Fraudsters fail with the "profit promise" scam

Bocholt (ots) - With the scam “promise of profit”, an as yet unknown fraudster tried on Thursday to get a senior citizen from Bocholt-Suderwick for 1.000 euros. For this sum, the allegedly lucky winner should buy Google Play cards and hand them over to the money couriers as a condition for handing over the prize. A neighbor took over the conversation, which was then ended shortly afterwards. Prevention advice and [...]

Increase in unemployment due to "seasonal effects"

The number of SGB II unemployed in the Borken district increased in January. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. Such an increase in unemployment figures can be observed regularly during the winter months. The extent to which the effects of the renewed lockdown since November have also contributed to this cannot yet be determined with any certainty. The “job center in the Borken district” [...]