Looft: “Pool furniture” for the upper class made in Bocholt

Wibit, the world's leading provider of floating water parks, is adding a new brand to its range: With Looft, relaxation on the water has a new quality. Exclusive floating pool furniture that meets the highest standards of design, comfort and durability. The entire product range is available now and is aimed primarily at hotel resorts and beach clubs as well as other [...]

Home Prize 2020 goes to the Biemenhorst Citizens' Association

Since 2019, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has been promoting associations and initiatives that are particularly committed to the topic of “home”. For this purpose, the districts and the cities belonging to the district are given a subsidy that they can then use according to local criteria. The home price of the city of Bocholt 2020, which is endowed with 5.000 euros, goes to [...]

1. FC Bocholt sign Marvin Lorch

The current league leader of the Oberliga Niederrhein 1. FC Bocholt has signed Marvin Lorch from the regional division VfB Homberg for the new season. The 24-year-old offensive player signed a league-independent contract at Bocholt's Hünting, which is valid until June 30.06.2022th, 32. Trained in the youth of Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, Lorch completed 23 Oberliga and XNUMX regional league games with the Kleebl Blätter before [...]

Caritas and Made in Bocholt start the # MeinWohlfühlAugenblick campaign

A second of rest, reflection or joy: The Caritas Association for the Deanery Bocholt is starting the campaign # MeinWohlfühlAugenblick with us with immediate effect. Every day we publish a snapshot that lets us forget the frustration about the corona pandemic or the stressful everyday life for a little moment. And you can participate. Send us your feel-good moment by email [...]

District and municipalities demand immediate help for inner cities in rural areas

The inner cities in rural areas urgently need immediate help! With this appeal, District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker now, together with the mayors of the 17 municipalities belonging to the district, in an open letter to Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier and NRW Economics Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwar, who also goes to the local federal and state parliament members. In yesterday's [...]

Witnesses wanted

Bocholt (ots) - The traffic inspectorate in Bocholt is looking for a witness to an accident escape. The event took place on Thursday at around 11.45 a.m. in a parking lot on Langenbergstrasse: A stranger had observed a driver damaging another car while leaving a parking space and then driving away. The witness noted the license plate number and informed the driver of the [...]

Several drivers are drunk and intoxicated on the road

Bocholt (ots) - Alcohol and drugs are not good companions on the road. Several road users have now risked becoming a danger to themselves and others in Bocholt - they all had to end their journey involuntarily: Police officers checked a vehicle on Friday night on Münsterstrasse. A 51-year-old was at the wheel, with [...]

INTERVIEW: Dieckhues on the high poll for the city: "There is still a lot to do!"

The study “Vital Inner Cities 2020” has been published. And many a dealer and visitor rub their eyes in amazement. Although the shopping city of Bocholt has been characterized by major construction sites (Neutorplatz, sewing box garage), increased vacancies and noticeable decline in frequency in the past two years, according to IFH Cologne it should have become noticeably more attractive in the eyes of visitors. And although in Bocholt [...]

GLOSSE: Everything is fine behind the moon (-) ...

A gloss from BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Now it's official: Bocholt is - at least viewed digitally - definitely behind the moon! According to an IFH study published yesterday (including all shopping on Amazon, Ebay, Zalando and Co.), only 46 percent of people in our city shop online. According to the findings of the Federal Statistical Office, there are meanwhile an average of 77 [...]

13 other cases of infection with British Corona variant - 2 cases in Bocholt

In the Borken district, 05.02.2021 people are currently (February 0th, 443, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That is 27 more than yesterday. In Bocholt 50 (+3) people are affected. In addition to the 10 cases of infection with the British virus mutant known in the district so far, 13 more have been added: Bocholt: 2 people Borken: 1 people Gescher: 4 people Gronau: 2 [...]

BEW warns: Don't fall for phone fraudsters

The BEW is increasingly noticing that unknown telephone callers call customers on behalf of the company in order to find out customer numbers and meter numbers. This information can be used to initiate a change of supplier that the customer does not want. The affected customers described the phone callers as very penetrative to outrageous. Since the BEW itself has such [...]

New parking lot for 25 vehicles at the cemetery

A newly prepared parking lot is now available for visitors to the cemetery on Blücherstrasse. The area is signposted and can be reached via a short cul-de-sac behind the Willing flower shop. The area offers space for 25 vehicles and improves the traffic situation on funeral days. The one from the disposal [...]

EWIBO agency for advice and coaching open despite lockdown

Due to the crisis, many advice centers have to discontinue their services on site. EWIBO takes alternative paths and remains a point of contact for you on site. EWIBO's advice center for educational checks and advice on professional development (BBE) and specialist advice on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications (FBA) is still available to those interested in this [...]