Eleven weather-related missions for the fire department

The Bocholt fire brigade has been in increased operational readiness since the weather began on February 06.02.2021th, 22 (00:07.02.2021 p.m.) and has already processed 17 missions up to the present (Sunday, February 30th, 45 14:11 p.m.). From a total of 31 fire brigade operations, XNUMX were recorded due to bad weather. The rescue service has had to move out XNUMX times so far. Due to the fact that the German Weather Service has already [...]

Vaccination center will start operating tomorrow as planned

Tomorrow, Monday (February 08.02.2021th, 80), the “Borken District Vaccination Center” in Velen, jointly supported by the Borken District and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Westphalia-Lippe (KVWL), will start operations as planned. When the vaccine is delivered tomorrow by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, all citizens aged XNUMX and over who have a confirmed date on [...]

City and taxi bus operations discontinued for tomorrow

Due to the extreme onset of winter in the night from Saturday, February 6.2.2021th, 7.2.2021 to Sunday, February 8.08.2021th, 13, after consultation with the municipal winter service on Monday, August 5.25th, XNUMX, city and taxi bus operations will initially not be possible. This applies to all lines, including line CXNUMX from the bus meeting point in the direction of the industrial park (first trip: XNUMX a.m. from the bus meeting point). A review […]

Dangerous road conditions - toboggan hill closed - no garbage collection on Monday

Bocholt (PID). The winter weather also creates adverse and sometimes dangerous traffic conditions in Bocholt. Large amounts of snow, permafrost and stormy winds form an unfavorable combination. The city of Bocholt is currently blocking the toboggan hill in the city forest on the basis of the Corona Protection Ordinance. More and more people gather there. The winter service of the waste disposal and service company Bochtolt (ESB) has been [...]

Continue driving after an accident

Bocholt (ots) - A stranger left property damage of around 1.000 euros on Saturday in Bocholt after an accident. The perpetrator was on the Wesselstrasse in the direction of Bärendorfstrasse around 18.00 p.m. He turned left into it and crashed into a gray painted Kia parked there. Witnesses reported that the [...]

Drunkenness causes accident

Bocholt (ots) - A 21-year-old driver now faces the consequences: The young man hit a traffic sign on the north wall on Sunday night and fled. Information from a witness quickly led police officers to the perpetrator. It turned out that the driver was under the influence of alcohol; in addition, [...]

Fire department pulls snow chains

In view of the current weather situation, the Bocholt fire brigade set up a small command staff this morning at 06.00 a.m. Since the fire and rescue station and the Suderwick fire station can only be reached with delays, the full-time vehicles have additional vehicles with volunteers on standby. The vehicles were partially equipped with snow chains. Text and photo: […]

Eight other people infected with the British corona mutation

In the Borken district, 07.02.2021 people are currently (0, midnight) infected with the corona virus. In addition to the 392 cases of infection with the British virus mutant known in the district so far, 26 more have been added, 8 of them in Bocholt. These are cases that had previously been reported to the Borken district as positive. The "1-day incidence" is currently [...]