100 days of Mayor Kerkhoff - an interim balance

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER I have been waiting for a call back from Thomas Kerkhoff since Monday. The new mayor was in office for 100 days at the beginning of the week. The fact that he clearly does not find time for a brief interim assessment shows how busy the head of administration is at the moment. Its burning on all edges and corners. Corona crisis, associated financial problems, inner city renewal, [...]

People over 80 can travel free of charge by bus and train to the vaccination - except from Bocholt

Over 80-year-olds can travel free of charge by bus and train to the corona vaccination in Velen. For this purpose, two TaxiBus lines have been set up, writes the Borken district. In order to facilitate the use of bus and train, the transport companies in the Münsterland offer everyone over 80 years of age a free ride to the vaccination appointment and back - except in

Seminar for volunteers is canceled

Bocholt (PID). Due to the corona pandemic, the basic seminar "Role of the voluntary supervisor" from the series "Well trained - well represented" for voluntary legal supervisors, authorized representatives and interested parties will be canceled on February 25, 2021. This is communicated by the municipal care center. An alternative date will be announced in good time.

ESB prefers “rather defensive approach” when using road salt

The waste disposal and city cleaning company has spread over 250 tons of salt in Bocholt since Sunday. There are currently 300 more tons in stock. There were no bottlenecks at any time, explained at the request of Made in Bocholt ESB manager. Gisbert Jacobs. The winter service operations management did not make any requirements for employees to spread less salt than usual, it said [...]

7-day incidence is approaching the 50 mark

In the Borken district, 11.02.2021 people are currently (February 0, 340, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That's 30 more than yesterday. There are 45 (+8) people affected in Bocholt. So far, a total of 47 cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district, three of these people have now recovered and released from quarantine after testing (ie 44 [...]

Striped woman with cart

Bocholt (ots) - An unknown driver hit a pedestrian in Bocholt on Wednesday and then left. The action took place at around 12.10:22 pm in the street “Am Bildstock” in the district of Holtwick. The XNUMX-year-old was just about to unload her own vehicle. The Bocholterin stood on the road. The passing car came [...]

Red Cross equips 16 daycare centers with 57 air purifiers

The Red Cross in the Borken district takes care of the children in its kindergartens, employees and visitors. That is why the aid and welfare organization has purchased 61 air purifiers, 57 of which have been delivered to 16 DRK daycare centers of the district association in the Borken district in the past few days - each group receives a device, according to the DRK press service. According to […]

New center in Stenern: construction site for access road is cleared

In the district of Stenern, near the hospital, a new center with apartments, day-care center, local supply, hospital expansion (Westmünsterland health campus) and fire brigade / rescue service academy is to be built. A new street is being built to develop the “Neue Zentrum Stenern”. The city of Bocholt is now starting the preparations. The construction fields are cleared. As already reported in the press release of November 13, 2020, [...]

City warns: Beware of "roof avalanches"

The violent onset of winter has provided for snow-covered roofs, and gusts of wind have piled up a lot of snow in some places. Homeowners are required to check their roofs and remove large icicles or snow caps that protrude into the public traffic area in good time before they pose a danger to passers-by. The Public Order Department points this out. That applies [...]

No way through: city buses don't leave again until Monday at the earliest

Due to the extreme effects of the onset of winter, we unfortunately had to make the decision this morning that the city and taxi bus operations must continue until Saturday, February 13.02.2021th, XNUMX. Unfortunately, the streets, and especially the bus stop areas, are still not sufficiently cleared for safe operation. An entry and exit without the visibility of curbs or high curbs [...]

THW Bocholt helps with clearing in Münster

The THW from Bocholt was now in action during snow clearing work in Münster. Two emergency services helped clear the streets of snow so that the rescue service can safely reach its destination in the event of an emergency. After an alert from the regional office in Wesel, the first two helpers of the specialist group drove to Münster with the truck tipper and recovery equipment ("Bobcat") and were [...]

On the day of the emergency Twitter thunderstorm from the fire departments

The European “Day of the Emergency Call” is taking advantage of the occasion for professional fire brigades across Germany to report on their everyday life via Twitter and a “Twitter storm”. For twelve hours - from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. - the operations can be followed live under the hashtag # 112live. Attention is drawn to the Europe-wide emergency number 112. The […]

Corona crisis in the trade is getting more severe

The effects of the coronavirus are hitting the trade harder again: "Fewer customer orders and declines in sales with the resulting liquidity bottlenecks and short-time work are making it difficult for an increasing number of companies", alarms Hans Hund from Bocholt, President of the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) Münster, because of the consequences of the Lockdowns. The lack of or insufficient financial aid put more and more companies under pressure. [...]