Registration start for the RennFietsen Tour 2021

She is back - after a year of corona-related break, the RennFietsen Tour will start again from May 13th to 16th, 2021 and in its 12th edition is collecting money for children in need. Interested racing cyclists can now register at and look for sponsors who donate for every kilometer they drive. But […]

Award for FRESCOLORI® metal stone

FRESCOLORI® is one of the winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Interior. The product FRESCOLORI® Metallgestein received the award "Selection" in the category wall, floor, ceiling for its outstanding design quality. FRESCOLORI® metal stone owes its magic to the combination of high-quality CARAMOR®, a natural lime-marble plaster, with the finest metal powder. So every designed surface, whether floor, wall or object, becomes [...]

386 people infected with the coronavirus - 40 more than yesterday

In the Borken district, 12.02.2021 people are currently (February 0, 386, 40:47 a.m.) infected with the corona virus, 2 more than yesterday. In Bocholt 50 (+47) people are still affected. So far, a total of XNUMX cases of infection with a virus mutant are known in the district, three of these people have now recovered and released from quarantine after testing (ie XNUMX active cases). [...]

Bocholt university department establishes an additional bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

If both the students interested in studying ask about a certain course offer at information events and the mechanical engineering industry at the same time announces a need for graduates in this field of study at the university, then wishes can come true: At the Bocholt university department there will be a bachelor's degree from the coming winter semester. Mechanical engineering course with a special note in construction technology and [...]

Police chief on the inaugural visit to Borken

Police President Falk Schnabel visited the head of the district police authority in Borken, District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker. There are close contacts between the Münster and Borken police authorities, not only because the Münster Presidium is also responsible for the Borken district in certain operational situations and criminal matters. Thus, in addition to getting to know each other personally, topics such as the development of crime and [...]

Winter chaos: next week there was next to no garbage collection

The disposal and service company (ESB) will significantly limit garbage collection in the coming week. The condition of many roads does not allow safe driving with garbage trucks. This applies to many streets that are to be cleared by the ESB and to almost all residential streets in which the residents of the street are required to have winter service. An increased risk of accidents [...]

Discussion on public broadcasting

Public broadcasting in Europe is under pressure. In the Netherlands, the NOS broadcaster removed its logos from company vehicles to protect its employees, in Poland the government is converting radio into a propaganda instrument, and in Germany the state media treaty has failed. This can be discussed online next Tuesday, February 16. The Europe Direct Information Center (EDIC) [...]