The new e-cargo bike is called “Ida”

The name for the new, free e-cargo bike for Bocholt is certain: "Ida". This first name has been suggested 16 times, for different reasons. “Many Bocholters can probably already imagine one of them: Ida van Meckenem, the wife of the famous copper engraver, self-confident, strong and argumentative. It is rumored that she is largely responsible for the [...]

Corpus and stones of the stolen Rheder cross found in Bocholt

Parts of the tabernacle cross stolen from St. Gudula Church in Rhede have now been found in Bocholt. Last weekend, a witness discovered one of the gemstones of the tabernacle cross in St. George's Church. However, this could not initially be assigned. On Monday morning the corpus was found that had been detached from the cross - the plastic representation of the Christ body was [...]

Tourism figures show the dramatic situation of businesses in the Münsterland

“It was to be seen for a long time, but now we have it in black and white: the tourism figures in our region have plummeted due to the corona pandemic. A big setback for the very positive tourism development of the last 30 years ”, says Michael Kösters, General Manager and Head of Tourism at the regional management organization Münsterland eV The tourism figures for the whole year were today [...]

“Job center in the Borken district” introduces e-social files

Another step towards the “digitization” of the district administration and local authorities: The “job center in the district of Borken”, supported by the district and the cities and municipalities, will gradually switch to digital file management (“e-social files”) and digitized incoming and outgoing mail in 2021. In future, paper files will be a thing of the past for around 280 employees, as will documents received by post [...]

SPD also satisfied with the voucher compromise

After the most recent meeting of the Council of Elders and the internal deliberations on Monday, the SPD parliamentary group is satisfied with the compromise proposal on the package of measures in the city center, as it is to be adopted in the council meeting on Wednesday. Essential demands from the SPD's “5-point plan for Bocholt” can be found again. In addition to the planning of events that are hosted by Bocholt restaurateurs, [...]

Youngest Mayor of Westphalia guest of the JU Bocholt

Around twenty JUers were there when Vredens new mayor Tom Tenostendarp was a guest at the Junge Union Bocholt last Friday. Chairman Lukas Behrendt welcomed "the youngest mayor of Westphalia", who was connected via video conference. “I already know some of you from the JU district board,” Tenostendarp greeted the JUers present. Then he reported from the [...]

Bocholt social list for ministerial decision on the town hall monument protection

The Bocholt Social List wants to achieve under all circumstances that the monument protection of the Bocholt town hall is lifted on A corresponding application, according to which the Minister for Homeland, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equal Opportunities of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Ina Scharrenbach, should revoke the monument protection from November 2016 by a ministerial decision, lies with Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff for the council meeting on Wednesday (17th [...])

Online seminar for women: "Do I get what I deserve?"

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, Sina Alya Wunderlich, lecturer for labor law, will give a lecture from 19 p.m. in an online event entitled “Do I get what I deserve?”, To which Bocholt's equal opportunities officer Astrid Schupp cordially invites all interested women. In the online seminar, the participants are taught how to better negotiate their salaries. You also get an overview, [...]

Four more deaths related to corona

In the Borken district, 16.02.2021 people are currently infected with the corona virus (February 0, 322, midnight). The 50 mutations confirmed so far remain. 6 of these people have now recovered and released from quarantine after testing. There have been four more deaths in the past few days in connection with a coronavirus infection. A 74-year-old man died [...]

Parked vehicle damaged

Bocholt (ots) - An unknown driver caused property damage of around 1.000 euros in Bocholt-Suderwick on Monday. The event took place in the parking lot of a hypermarket on Sporker Straße, where the accident occurred around 18.15 p.m. What remained was a damaged Mercedes A200 painted dark gray. The polluter went away without [...]

Digital business break with NRW Minister of Transport Wüst

Mobility concept, north ring, electrification of “Der Bocholter” and a cycle expressway between Isselburg and Velen - there is a lot under discussion in Bocholt in terms of transport policy. And the city is also making a name for itself elsewhere: Bocholt was recognized as the logistics location in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2019; and it is the most bicycle-friendly medium-sized town in Germany. Reason enough to discuss the topic of traffic once in

Borgers Asia Holding GmbH founded

The traditional Bochol-based company Borgers has founded a new company, Borgers Asia Holding GmbH. This deals with research and development, manufacture, further processing as well as the distribution of and trading in products for further processing in the automotive industry and other sectors. In particular, carpets, textile components and damping and those made of polyurethane are meant. [...]