ESB with garbage collection plan for next week

After the weather-related restrictions, normal residual waste collection will take place from February 22, 2021 to February 26, 2021. If the volume of the bin is insufficient, residual rubbish bags can be placed next to the bin. These will also be picked up. The ESB uses additional staff to collect these excess quantities. The yellow buoys in areas F - […]

Corona balance: Bocholt is currently hotspot number one in the district

In the Borken district, 18.02.2021 people are currently infected with the coronavirus (0/359/24, midnight). That is 87 more than yesterday. Bocholt is most affected with an increase from twelve to XNUMX infected people within one day. There is no explanation for this in the circle. According to District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker could consider the proximity to the Netherlands [...]

New children's emergency suitcase for the rescue service

The acute care of life-threatening child emergencies in the rescue service always puts the forces deployed under great pressure. On the one hand, this is always a special incident. On the other hand, it is emotionally very stressful for everyone involved. In order to give the deployed staff the greatest possible security, standardized equipment is required for this special emergency and, in addition, a continuous [...]

From Monday, the school timetable will apply again for city buses

Since face-to-face lessons at the Bocholt schools will start again for some grades on Monday, February 22.02.2021nd, XNUMX, the timetable “as on school days” for the Bocholt city and taxi bus lines will apply from this date. This means that all trips that are only carried out on school days or for which different times apply, from the coming Monday again accordingly [...]

Citizens' initiative objects to the "North and West Ring" zoning plan

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The Bocholt citizens' initiative “Fairkehr instead of Nordring” officially appealed against the zoning plan “Nord- und Westring” today, precisely on the first anniversary of its foundation. Monika Heßler and Willi Weyers handed over to Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff and town planner Daniel Zöhler a seven-page letter with arguments in favor of the traffic turnaround and against the bypass and access road. Before [...]

St. Agnes Hospital prepares a new building for a social pediatric center

As reported, several construction projects will be invested in the future of health care in Bocholt in the coming years. With planned renovations, extensions and new buildings, both the range of medical services and the attractiveness of the location for specialist staff are to be strengthened in a future-proof manner. The first concrete steps are now being made for the new building of a social pediatric center in the immediate vicinity [...]

Items stolen from trucks

Bocholt (ots) - A laptop, several keys and a driver card (for tachograph) have been stolen from a truck in Bocholt by strangers. The perpetrators stole the objects from a vehicle parked in an open space on Am Hünting. How the thieves got into the cab is unclear. The event took place between Friday, February 05.02th, [...]

Car racing on the ring ends in police control

Bocholt (ots) - On Wednesday evening, two drivers initially lost their grip between the road and the tires when their vehicles were accelerating, as well as when stopping. With their tires spinning and screeching, they drove off parallel to each other on the four-lane Meckenemstrasse, only to put another noisy load on the wheels a little later before a police checkpoint. The established control body of the [...]

Drug test worked

Bocholt (ots) - A drug test for amphetamine was posted on Wednesday evening in Bocholt. Police officers checked the 20-year-old driver at a checkpoint on Meckenemstrasse. The test confirmed the suspicion of ingesting prohibited substances. A doctor took a blood sample in order to be able to precisely prove the abuse of drugs. The officials forbade the journey and initiated [...]

Working group on the main industrial track - because, as is well known, it is better to meet in secret

An analysis by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER At first everything didn't go fast enough. After only ten minutes of deliberation during an interruption of the session, the main and finance committee decided at the beginning of December with the votes of the CDU and FDP at the urging of Thomas Kerkhoff to forego the renovation of a switch and thus effectively shut down the industrial trunk line to Mussum. [...]

Clearing work for the fire station in Stenern has started

That went quickly: only yesterday the council passed the resolution to build an additional fire and rescue station in Stenern. And today the clearing work began in the rear area of ​​the hospital, where the building is to be built. The First City Councilor Thomas Waschki explained how important the fire station is. During the onset of winter it finally became clear that [...]

ESB carries out maintenance measures on the Aasee and in the Mosse area

The disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) is again carrying out maintenance measures on trees and hedges throughout the city as part of its annual maintenance work. The legislator has strict time requirements for this type of work. Therefore, maintenance and pruning work has currently started in the area of ​​the Aa lake and the Mosse public park. In the course of these measures, a [...]

Stadt-Sport-Verband Bocholt says goodbye to Hanna Michelbrink into retirement

The Stadt-Sport-Verband Bocholt (SSV) says goodbye to Hanna Michelbrink in her well-deserved retirement. Today, Thursday, she has her last working day in the SSV office. Since 1999, for more than 21 years, Hanna Michelbrink has been the reliable link between the office and the honorary board of directors of the Stadt-Sport-Verband Bocholt. In addition, she was a reliable contact person for all [...]