The fire brigade has to deploy twice

The fire brigade of the full-time fire station moved out twice today. At 10.30 a.m., the fire brigade received an alert via the fire alarm system of an industrial company in Schlavenhorst. A paint container in a kiln has ignited and has produced smoke. The fire brigade went ahead with a group wearing respiratory protection to investigate. The area of ​​the hall was ventilated, more [...]

FDP: City needs sustainable next steps

The new edition of the Bocholt voucher is a done deal and, in the opinion of the FDP, should bring the hoped-for signal effect for trade and gastronomy. However, in order to get the city ready for the lockoff, "we need a sustainable next step in the short term," says the parliamentary group. "Our inner city of the future needs a digital foundation, digital visibility and accessibility - a [...]

Donation handover of the site fence auction to Omega

From the summer of 2018, many Bocholt-based and international artists have designed the former site fence around the new main office of the Stadtsparkasse Bocholt and the retail building for Peek & Cloppenburg on Neutorplatz with exciting works of art. An interesting and varied mixture of different styles, colors and designs could be found around the construction site and [...]

City action concept: The city begins with a green space at Diepenbrockstift

Work on redesigning the green space at Diepenbrockstift on Weberstrasse begins. At the beginning the shrubbery is cleared on the ground, then paths, play areas for toddlers and children as well as seating are created and perennials are planted. The work is expected to last until July. The ideas for the design of the area come from the residents, children of the neighboring [...]

The electrification of the railway line initially kills 40 trees

The electrification of the Bocholt-Wesel railway line fell victim to 40 trees in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße area. This was confirmed by the city administration at Made in Bocholt's request. 61 more trees are to be felled in the area of ​​the access road of the local supply center in Stenern. The substitute plantings will be carried out within the urban area, the town hall said.

1. FC receives another 225.000 euros from the city for the stadium expansion

1. FC Bocholt will once again receive a one-off investment subsidy from the city - this time in the amount of a maximum of 225.000 euros to make the Stadtion am Hünting suitable for regional leagues. For this, the sports committee spoke out against the votes of the SPD. "Basically, it is in the interests of the city of Bocholt to host a football club that is active in the [...]

The number of people infected with corona is approaching the 100 mark in Bocholt

In the Borken district, 19.02.2021 people are currently (February 0, 402, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That's 35 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected increased by ten to 97. So far, 75 cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district. In connection with a coronavirus infection, there have been three [...]

Shock callers steal money and jewelry

With a shock phone call on Thursday in Borken, an elderly couple robbed an elderly couple of money and jewelry. The perpetrators had reported by phone around noon: In an excited and tearful voice, a stranger pretended to be the daughter of the Borkener. An alleged police officer quickly took over the conversation, claiming the daughter had caused a fatal traffic accident. [...]

Scammers keep calling

There were a large number of fraudulent calls in Gescher on Thursday. Sometimes an alleged public prosecutor called in, sometimes a fake policeman. To prevent a close relative from being imprisoned, a deposit must be paid immediately, the callers said. The dramatic and hectic looking calls with constantly new people on the line should [...]

Mobile room fans as effective virus air purifiers in daycare centers at jusina

Mobile room air devices were handed over to the three jusina daycare centers Blumenwiese (Heutingsweg), Flekita (Alfred-Flender-Straße) and Kita Jerichostraße yesterday. "The room ventilators will ensure that the daycare facilities remain optimally usable even from a pandemic point of view," says jusina managing director Sebastian Schröer, "despite the different sizes of the daycare centers, each group will receive a room ventilation device."

Current brochure on the 100 Castles Route published

A castle on the right, a castle on the left, straight ahead the view of the blooming Münsterland park landscape - this is pure country idyll. Between green meadows and fields, flower gardens and well-tended parks, the 100 castles route leads through the Münsterland as the “queen of the cycle routes” in the approaching spring and connects the most beautiful places in the region with a relaxing experience in the [...]

Tree planting along Ewaldstrasse

As part of the “800 new trees for the city anniversary” project, seven new tree beds are being created on the western side of Ewaldstraße in the park strip between the street and the cycle path. Work will begin next Monday, February 22, 2021. With this measure, the City of Bocholt is making a small contribution to more greenery and to improving the microclimate in [...]

City history: Life in the Bocholt city forest camp

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, the historian Marius Lange will give you a first-hand impression of life in Bocholt's city forest camp during World War II. “Life in the camp. The Bocholter Stadtwaldlager and its inhabitants in contemporary photographs ”is the title of his contribution. Start is at 2:18 p.m. Interested parties can join for free via the Internet. The access link is [...]