Hundreds of trees felled: the city's planting program, according to NABU, "can hardly be surpassed in absurdity"

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER felled dozens of trees behind the hospital in the past few days. According to the Nature Conservation Union, almost a whole, almost 3000 square meter forest was found on Frankenstrasse. As reported, 40 trees will soon give way on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse and 62 more at the planned local supply center in Stenern. "In summary, one can [...]

Now 115 people infected with corona in Bocholt

In the Borken district, 21.02.2021 people are currently (February 0, 422, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That's 20 more than Friday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected rose by 18 to 115 over the same period. So far, 75 cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district. The “7-day incidence” in the Borken district is currently [...] according to the calculations of the district health office.

Confused rioter admitted to mental health facility

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday, around 12.20 p.m., the police were informed about an apparently confused woman who was walking around in the Drostenstrasse area, mobbing passers-by and sometimes spraying them with a deodorant spray. She had left items of clothing and other personal items on a piece of lawn on Herzogstrasse. When police officers arrived, she insulted them loudly and fled. The […]

Bocholterin falls for deceit with feigned love

Bocholt (ots) - In another case, an online fraudster was successful with so-called romance scamming. A woman from Bocholt met a man through an internet platform who posed as a US soldier stationed in Afghanistan. The fraudster managed to get the woman from Bocholt to develop feelings for him. She also believed him that he had given her a suitcase with 600.000 US dollars [...]

Man enters private property and escapes

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday night, a resident of the street “Auf dem Löverick” observed a man jogging along her property, then suddenly stepped over the low garden wall and entered the property. He illuminated the area of ​​the roof with a flashlight and fled when the local resident [...]

Youth attacked and dejected

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday evening, a 17-year-old teenager was walking on Berliner Platz, accompanied by a witness, when a group of three people came towards them. One of the people mobbed the 22.00-year-old according to the current state of knowledge. A verbal argument developed in the course of which the perpetrator pointed to the [...]