Olivia Schwarzbach wins regional decision in reading aloud

Olivia Schwarzbach, pupil of the Josefschule, Marie Paeßens (St. Bernhard-Schule) and Julian Krühler (elementary school association Ludgerus) from Bocholt win the regional decision of the fourth grade. A total of nine children from Bocholt and Rhede faced the challenge of reading aloud in front of the camera on nine individual dates the week before last, courageously in the media center of the Bocholt City Library. The selection of books from which to read [...]

Unusual: Council of elders pre-selects new department heads and treasurers

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Bocholt is known to be looking for an additional, third head of department. The (or the) should at the same time take over the duties of the treasurer Kai Elsweier (photo), who has moved to the Märkischer Kreis. Six applicants were screened out of 43 entries. This sextet is now to be invited to a round of introductions on March 6th. Unusual: The preselection was not made [...]

Vaccination rate in Velen around 230 per day

In the Borken district, 23.02.2021 people are currently (February 0, 360, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That is 28 less than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected fell from 108 to 99 in the same period. So far, 86 cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district. The “7-day incidence” is currently 60,9. Vaccinations have so far been carried out in [...]

Two electric bikes stolen

Bocholt (ots) - In the past few days, two strangers had targeted pedelecs in Bocholt. One deed took place on Saturday between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. on Liebfrauenplatz: There the perpetrators stole a metallic-colored Winora Mionic de Luxe bike that had been locked in a bicycle parking area. The […]

Corona situation: IHK regional committee calls for reliable opening perspectives

Despite the existence-threatening burdens from the corona pandemic in individual industries, the economy in the Borken district continues to be robust overall. This is the conclusion drawn by the chairwoman of the IHK regional committee for the Borken district, Anja Meuter, after the virtual committee meeting. According to a current survey by the IHK North Westphalia, over 43 percent of the companies in

Vriesen-Hof has switched to eggs without killing chicks

From the end of 2021, the killing of chicks when rearing laying hens will be prohibited by law in Germany. Two companies from Westmünsterland have already implemented this on their own responsibility. At the Vriesen-Hof in Bocholt and at the Althues farm in Rosendahl, eggs have been laid by hens since last year whose brothers were not killed immediately after they hatched. [...]