Online marketplace: the city wants to take its time first

When building a digital marketplace for retail and gastronomy, the city wants to take its time first. Trading online is “still a high hurdle” for many business owners, said Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff in the committee for economic development and tourism this evening. And he added: "There is still work to be done to convince." In addition, an IFH survey among [...]

Fight against vacancies: City finances rents for start-ups

The city of Bocholt also relies on a subsidy from the state in the fight against vacancies in the city. According to his own statements, marketing director Ludger Dieckhues will be able to use 127.000 euros in the next two years to rent vacant business premises and then pass it on to newcomers or young traders at low cost. Dieckhues shared that this evening in the Economic Development Committee [...]

Digital trial lessons on the topic of "Early Musical Education"

As soon as the Corona Protection Ordinance allows, the new courses in the area of ​​“Early Musical Education” at the Bocholt-Isselburg Music School will start. Interested parents and children can take part in free trial lessons in advance from Monday, March 15 to Friday, March 19, 2021. Due to the ongoing lockdown, the Bocholt-Isselburg Music School decided to discontinue early musical education as part of [...]

Learn to “read” other people's body language

Learning to interpret the body language of other cultures and people - this is what an online lecture on Thursday, March 4, 2021 is all about. It starts at 18:30 pm. Registrations at The participation fee is 6 euros (reduced 5,50 euros). This is announced by the Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg Adult Education Center. Dr. Hermann Hagemann from Münster gives a lecture on the intercultural and international signals of the [...]

Online seminar “Communication in work and family”

On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, an online seminar entitled “Communication in work and family” will take place as part of the “Woman + Profession” series by the municipal equal opportunities officer in the Borken district. Bocholt's equal opportunities officer cordially invites all interested women. The event starts at 19 pm. Registrations are accepted by the Equal Opportunities Office at In everyday life it happens professionally and [...]

Young people also do research in lockdown

The IHK regional competition "Jugend forscht", which was carried out online for the first time, has ended. After the award ceremony, since yesterday evening (March 1st) the students who will represent the Münsterland in the state competition of the two age groups (up to 14 years and 15 to 21 years) have also been determined. Despite the completely changed competitive conditions, 137 young researchers [...]

1. FC Bocholt receives a grant of 110.700 euros from the state

As part of the next funding round of the state-wide sports facility program “Modern Sports Facility 2022”, the Rhede riding club and 1.FC Bocholt will receive a total of 149.763 euros for the structural modernization of the club facilities. For the extension of a new shower and changing area, 1.FC Bocholt receives 110.700 euros from the state. The total cost of this measure is 210.700 euros. Also […]

The body of the 97-year-old missing person discovered in a fire ruin

The body of the 97-year-old, who was still missing after the fire in Borken (we reported), was discovered and recovered from the fire ruins around noon. To determine the cause and circumstances of death, the two dead are autopsied in the forensic medicine institute of the Münster University Hospital. The investigative authorities have called on a fire expert to clarify the cause of the fire, which has remained unclear until now. [...]

District checks early vaccination entitlements

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia enables previously ill people who are threatened with severe or even fatal outcome if they are infected with SARS-CoV-2 to have their eligibility for vaccination checked early. To do this, the person concerned must have their primary residence in the Borken district and submit an application to the district. A specialist medical certificate from the attending physician must be attached to this application. The certificate [...]

Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Grundschule corona-free

No corona infection has been found in the Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff primary school in Bocholt-West. The district of Borken announced this at the request of Made in Bocholt. As reported, 40 samples were taken in the facility on Friday after five employees and six children tested positive in the nearby St. Theresia daycare facility on Lowicker Strasse [...]

Stolen Rheder tabernacle cross secured from a 26-year-old from Bocholt

Rhede / Bocholt (ots) - Police officers were able to secure the Rheder tabernacle cross on Tuesday. They found the cross and other pieces of jewelry in the apartment of a 26-year-old who is considered an urgent suspect. Investigations and references to witnesses had led the police on the trail of the Bocholter. As reported, it was on Wednesday, February 10.02th, to the theft in the St. Gudula Church in [...]

Mayor and district administrator demand: Open trade and vaccinate family doctors

In their most recent video conference, the heads of the district and municipalities dealt intensively with the current corona situation. On the one hand, it was about how the new vaccination plan for North Rhine-Westphalia presented on Monday (March 01.03.2021st, 2) can be implemented. According to this, people who are in prioritization group XNUMX according to the federal coronavirus vaccination ordinance should gradually be offered a vaccination [...]

Drunk intoxicated

Bocholt (ots) - An 18-year-old was drugged behind the wheel of a car on Tuesday night in Bocholt. Police officers checked the young driver when he was driving on Willy-Brandt-Strasse. A drug test showed positive results for the cannabis active ingredient THC. The officials made a complaint and forbade them to continue their journey. A doctor took from the driver in [...]

Equipment stolen from school camps

Bocholt (ots) - Strangers have stolen electronic devices and tools from the storage room of a school in Bocholt in the past few days. The event took place between Wednesday, February 24.02th, 13.30 p.m., and Monday, March 01.03st, 14.30 p.m. on the school grounds on Thonhausenstrasse. Among other things, the perpetrators captured cables, a suitcase with electronic test equipment, an electronic [...]