A bang in the HFA: the public prosecutor's office secures evidence with a search of the EWIBO business premises

The Bielefeld public prosecutor's office searched the EWIBO business premises on Adenauerallee today on the basis of a court order. EWIBO itself, the Jusina association and its subsidiary PSA GmbH are affected. With this bang, Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff has just opened the main and finance committee meeting. It concerns legal transactions between the city and its subsidiary as well as the EWIBO [...]

Vaccination appointments via 116117 still only for over 80-year-olds

The vaccination in Westphalia-Lippe is making progress: since February 8, almost 190.000 citizens in the 27 vaccination centers in Westphalia-Lippe have been vaccinated against the corona virus. With the start of the second vaccinations for the over 80 year olds this week, the capacities of the vaccination centers were further increased and the vaccinations in the nursing homes are almost [...]

Corona came to the city of Bocholt a year ago

"One year ago, on March 5, 2020, the first corona case became known to us in the Borken district." District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker. At that time it hit a young woman from Bocholt. She and her five companions, who had been traveling in northern Italy, had already contacted us by phone on their return journey because [...]

A bionic scientist in Bocholt develops a new type of pH value measurement method.

Many also remember the indicator strips from their school days, which worked with a color value depending on the hydrogen ion concentration: the more acidic, the redder, the more basic, the more blue-green. Or a different color scale, depending on the manufacturer of the indicator strip. Prof. Dr. Andrea Springer from the Bocholt study area Bionics has now worked with Matthias Fischer and Fabian Pioch as scientific [...]

Vine road closed

Due to sewer construction work, the Rebenstrasse between Pollstiege and Nordstrasse will be closed from Monday, March 8th, 2021 until probably Friday, May 7th, 2021. It is a mobile construction site, which is carried out in 30 meter sections. Next to the construction site, there is a remaining pavement for pedestrians.

Münsterland Quiz goes into the second round

New round, new luck: after a successful premiere with many inquisitive guessers, the Onboarding @ Münsterland service is holding the next regional quiz on March 17th (Wednesday). The service team at Münsterland eV has again compiled exciting questions about the region and invites you to take part in a virtual quiz from 19.30 p.m. Anyone who is interested in the Münsterländer or the [...]

Stolen catalyst

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown strangers were now targeting a catalyst in Bocholt. The perpetrators dismantled it from a car that had been parked on Römerstrasse. The time of the offense is between Friday, 14.00:16.00 p.m. and Tuesday, 02871:2990 p.m. The police in Bocholt asks for information: Tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

Driven without a valid driver's license

Bocholt (ots) - A criminal complaint for driving without a driver's license was filed by a driver in Bocholt on Monday. Police officers checked the 43-year-old when he drove his car on federal highway 16.20 at around 473:XNUMX p.m. The man from Oberhausen was only able to show a driver's license from a non-EU country. However, since the man has been in Germany for more than a year [...]

Stolen electric bike

Bocholt (ots) - Thieves were targeting a matt gray Gudereit Premium pedelec on Sunday in Bocholt. The act took place between 14.00:16.30 p.m. and 02871:2990 p.m. on Hohenhorster Strasse. The police in Bocholt asks for information: Tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

The number of corona infections is falling again

In the Borken district, 03.03.2021 people are currently (0, 402:10 a.m.) infected with the corona virus, 8 fewer than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected has fallen by 71 to 152. So far, XNUMX cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district. In connection with a coronavirus infection, there has been another death in the past few days. [...]

Jusos: AfD Bocholt sees hatred

Sharp criticism of the demand of the AfD city councilor Andre Ludwig to abolish the integration council in Bocholt, about the Bocholt young socialists. “With this proposal, the AfD once again proves the unobjective, defamatory methods with which it tries to specifically marginalize groups, incite mistrust and thus sow hatred in order to make a profit. Obviously, Mr. Ludwig is everything else [...]

Mobile teams should immediately vaccinate teachers and daycare staff

Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann presented the new vaccination plan for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Monday. Afterwards, vaccination offers are made to other population groups. This includes above all people who work in childcare facilities and day care, in elementary and special schools as well as people in youth welfare facilities in accordance with Section 34 of Book VIII of the Social Code. "The district of Borken picked up this 'ball' directly," says [...]