Corona numbers significantly lower than yesterday

In the Borken district, 03.04.2021 people are currently (April 0rd, 890, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That is 109 less than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected fell from 230 back to 216. So far, they are in the district. The “7-day incidence” is 134,9, which is significantly lower than yesterday. On the situation in the hospitals in the district, [...]

New flowering meadows for more biodiversity

Sven van den Berg, foreman at the disposal and service company of the city of Bocholt (ESB) met on Holy Saturday with Rudolf Souilljee, coordinator of work assignments of the NABU group Bocholt and Michael Kempkes, the chairman of the NABU Bocholt in the Mosse public park. The ESB has just created a wildflower meadow and strip there. "We had met to talk about tree care work [...]