District administrator demands additional vaccination doses for the border area

Due to the extraordinarily high number of infections, since yesterday (August 06.08.2021th, 07.04.2021) the Netherlands has been classified as an area with a particularly high risk of infection (“high incidence area”). In view of this development and the associated special burdens for the border area, today (April XNUMXth, XNUMX) District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker reminds the country of its promise from mid-March to deliver additional vaccine to the border regions with Belgium and [...]

60-year-old Bocholter died in connection with Corona

In the Borken district, only 07.04.2021 people are currently infected with the corona virus (April 0th, 581, midnight). Unfortunately, there have been three more deaths in connection with a coronavirus infection in the past few days. A 76-year-old man from Gronau, an 86-year-old man from Borken and a 60-year-old man from Bocholt died. There are now 216 deaths since [...]

Pedestrian and cycle path on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße closed

From Monday, April 12, 2021 until probably Friday, May 7, 2021, the footpath and cycle path on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße will be closed at the level of the BEW building. There are shaft works on the building. As a result, the right-turn into Ebertstrasse is partially narrowed during the day. After the end of work, the cycle path will be opened again. Tempo 30 applies. Road users will [...]

Parked car started

Bocholt (ots) - An unknown driver left property damage to another car on Holy Saturday in Bocholt. The damaged gray VW Polo had been in a customer parking lot on Münsterstrasse, where the accident occurred between 14.05:14.20 p.m. and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal obligations. The police […]

Grass pitches in Bocholt are still closed

The persistent snow and rainfalls continue to restrict the urban sports facilities. Even today, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, the grass pitches in the city area are not playable. The municipal sports field control of the waste disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) came to this decision after checking the fields on Wednesday morning. The artificial turf and tennis courts are not subject to the closure [...]

Unknown people stab tires and cut hoses

Between 18.00:06.30 p.m. Thursday and 4.500:02871 a.m. on Tuesday, a truck was damaged on the hard shoulder of the entrance to the technical college. Unknown perpetrators had stabbed four tires and cut air hoses between the truck and trailer. The total damage is estimated at around XNUMX euros. The police are looking for witnesses. Please send information to the Kripo in Bocholt (XNUMX) [...]

WITH VIDEO: Fire brigade extinguishes roof fire at Bocholter Brauhaus

The operations center of the Bocholt fire brigade was informed this morning shortly after eight o'clock by several emergency calls that smoke was developing from the roof of the empty brewery in the area of ​​Hindenburgstrasse. Since this message could already be confirmed by the first forces on the approach, the volunteer fire brigade was alerted immediately. When the full-time fire engine arrived, [...]