21 million bad guys: Social list for early budgeting for voting

21 million bad guys: Social list for early budgeting for voting
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21 million cries:
Social list for early budgeting for voting

The voters of the Social List Bocholt consider it essential that the budget for 2021 be brought in and decided before the local elections on September 13th. After all, the city treasurer assumes that the corona pandemic will cause a loss of more than 21 million euros by the end of the year. By the end of April, this had already resulted in a loss of 7,3 million.

"For reasons of fairness vis-à-vis the citizens, this should be the case," said Councilor Bärbel Sauer, who wants to know at the Council meeting on Wednesday (May 13) whether the administration will contribute to the budget and adopt the budget for the year 2021 sees legal obstacles if this were done before the date of the local election.

Bärbel Sauer is thus reacting to the development of the loss of revenue caused by the corona pandemic and explains:

“In view of the corona pandemic and the significant loss of revenue and additional expenses, the costs of which may be passed on to the general public, it is more than justified in view of the local elections on September 13th if the budget contribution and the decision to do so are still ahead the election date. So not only in December, but in August 2020 at the latest. This way, the voters know even before the election how the applicants want to manage the budget for 2021 and / or what position they have on it. ”

In a letter to Mayor Peter Nebelo, Bärbel Sauer also asks how the administration sees it when citizens are involved in budget planning.

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