30 mobile phone violations detected on the control day

30 mobile phone violations detected on the control day

Circle Borken (ots) - Two seconds to look at the display is at 50 speed 30 on the way in the dummy flight on the road: That many drivers are not aware of this danger, the nationwide control day against distraction in traffic also in the district Borken has shown. On 1.296 controlled drivers, the officials on Wednesday were able to detect a total of 30 corresponding rule violations. The policemen deployed also took a closer look at the bike and pedelec drivers: ten of the controlled 182 had used a cell phone while driving. The driver concerned expects a penalty in the amount of 100 Euro and a point in the "traffic offender" file; for the use of mobile phones in cycling, the 55 Euro fine catalog provides.

The distraction by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is not without reason a priority for the police in the fight against traffic accidents. Because it is about the increased accident risk: For example, research has shown that the use of a smartphone leads to an accident much more frequently than if a motorist in the same situation would keep their hands off the phone. Therefore, the county police Borken continues to continue the fight against distraction at the wheel every day, regardless of the national control day.

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