Adventure Africa: Bocholt trainee helps build a primary school in Guinea

Adventure Africa: Bocholt trainee helps build a primary school in Guinea

So Jonas Terodde rarely sweated at work. At 40 degrees in the shade, the roofer trainee from the Bocholt-based company Schlatt & Söhne Dachtechnik volunteered to help build a new primary school in Guinea for four weeks in January.

The joint project in Santiguyah will soon enable girls and boys from four villages to get to school faster and more safely. The Guinean Ministry of Education and the Reconstruction Loan Corporation in Germany placed the order to build the school. It is planned and built by students from Aachen, Düsseldorf and the African Conakry. The budding technicians and architects are ALWAYS looking for help from practitioners in the trade.

Jonas Terodde's boss Markus Schlatt made his trainees aware of the project, gave them four weeks off, and also pledged a financial injection of 500 euros. The 17-year-old was thrilled and got started. After various vaccinations, the plane headed for Africa earlier this year.

For Jonas Terodde it was a trip to another world. "Somehow everything is different there in Africa," he reports. Some were simpler, but others were surprisingly modern. Unlike in Germany, for example, there is apparently fast Internet access in Guinea at every location. "LTE everywhere," Terodde recalls. So he could keep in touch with home at any time.

During the day, the prospective roofer helped to weld the roof racks and cross braces together for the school building. Communication with other helpers on the construction site was mainly done with hands and feet. From time to time an interpreter was on site.

In the evening we went back to an air-conditioned villa reserved for European guests. They met around the campfire, ate a lot of baguettes with omelets and drank a few beers.

Jonas Terodde particularly memorized a meeting with the students of the village. "We should all bring some gifts from Germany," says the 17-year-old. He had packed pens, notepads and erasers in his suitcase. These were received with loud "hooray".

The primary school will probably be ready in April. Then Jonas Terodde would love to go there again. "As a craftsman, you naturally want to see what has become of your work," he explains his motivation.

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