Alex Behning presents album "Streunen ohne Schnur" live on "Hanna Music"

Alex Behning presents album "Streunen ohne Schnur" live on "Hanna Music"

The album has already been nominated for the best list at the German Record Critics' Award, has just climbed to number 6 on the German list of best songs and is highly praised in the specialist press - among other things, it was the album of the week at MDR Kultur. Only Alex Behning could not yet introduce his new long player due to the corona pandemic. But the musician is now catching up on this in an unusual way. In four quarter-hour concerts, Behning plays the album live outside in front of record stores. He is accompanied by his band that comes from vinyl. An unusual concert idea in an unusual time.

"It just itches my fingers to play live again and get into conversation with the audience," says Behning. "I think it's too early for complete concert evenings or indoor events - but a small portion of live music outside the shop door works and can Hopefully sweeten the day too. “If you want to treat yourself to this portion of music, you are invited to drop by on August 25th between 16 and 18 pm at“ Hanna Music ”, Nordstraße 38 in Bocholt and listen to Alex Behning for free.

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