Registration for confirmation classes [18]

The parish of Apostelkirche invites you to an information and registration evening
Confirmation classes. The evening will take place on 29. April at 19.30 pm
Municipal Hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15, Bocholt.

Classes for the new year will take place on Tuesdays. in addition
come four mandatory confirmation mornings on Saturday, since the
Lesson is shortened to one year.

The weekly confirmation time begins on the 21. May. The binding
Confirmation days will take place on the following Saturdays:

· 8. ?? 9. July 2019 (two confirmation days with excursion)

· 7. September 2019 (9.00-13.00 clock)

· 7 March 2020 (9.00-13.00 clock)

The exact time for the weekly one-hour lesson at
Tuesday afternoon and the group composition will be at the Info and
Registration evening planned. Please bring the family book for the registration evening
with the baptismal certificate with.

Even untrained teenagers are invited to class. you will be
then baptized during the Confirmation time in a church service.

The confirmation will be celebrated at the end of the confirmation class
on the 3. May 2020 in the apostle church.

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