Application of the CDU: City should renaturate its own gravel gardens

Application of the CDU: City should renaturate its own gravel gardens
CDU Bocholt

The CDU group requested for the next council meeting that the city
Bocholt sealed, urban areas renatured. As a first measure should
the gravel garden of the administrative branch office at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße
be upgraded ecologically. Also a roof greening with suitable
Buildings demands the CDU in their request.

Michael Wiesmann, Chairman of the Environment Committee, explains: ?? Pure
Gravel or rock gardens are associated with many ecological disadvantages.
This is especially the case when the gardens are sparsely planted and
are sealed off from the nutrient medium with special garden fleece. Therefore demand
we, that sealed, urban land gradually the largest possible
get back ecological diversity. ??

The CDU spokeswoman on the Environment Committee Kerstin Krasenbrink adds: "Also
if it is often only small areas, here is a big one
ecological potential broke. Therefore, seals should only there
be maintained where they are really necessary for transport. That is true
on the gravel garden of the administrative branch office at the Kaiser Wilhelm road
certainly not to. On the contrary: The area is well visible and
could be a model for many other gardens. ??

An urban ban on private gravel and rock gardens rejects the
CDU faction against. The planning determination in the area of
Freiraumplanung limits the fundamental rights of the citizens too much
A, write Krasenbrink and Wiesmann in their application. We plead
continue to voluntary implementation. The city should be advisory and
recommend, but not prescriptive to be active ??, the two call
CDU city councilors. And further: "It is not believable, though
the city's citizens with a flyer from the 'Blossoming Diversity' in the
Front yard?? wants to convince, and at the same time sets itself on gravel gardens.
For the urban areas we should be active and exemplary
Prioritize ecological diversity against supposedly lower care expenditures.
In addition to the ecological gain in value, the creative
Profit be demonstrated. ??

CDU Bocholt

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