Apostelkirche shines in the colorful light

Apostelkirche shines in the colorful light
Apostle Church Bocholt

Church parish tests new lighting technology

Bocholt ?? 7. March 2019

From purple to blue and yellow to red ?? the whole light spectrum has been lighting up
this week the Apostelkirche in Bocholt and leaves the church space new
shine. For three weeks the parish tests with the help of the
Equipment of Ev. Youth work in the church district Steinfurt-Coesfeld-Borken
Lighting scenes and scenes. Gradually, a basic equipment
purchased and ready for community and youth worship services. Nice
Now teens program the modern lighting control and prepare themselves
to the upcoming missions. For the first time the new one is used
Lighting technology on Sunday, 10. March, when the musician and pastor Uwe X. 18
Watch a concert in the apostle church there.

Not only the Bocholt community benefits from the new technology, but also the
Borken community band TenSing comes at the invitation of Bocholt youth work
to Sandra van Westen for a rehearsal weekend in the parish hall. rehearsed
will be for the annual concert on 28.09. in Remigianum Borken, an event with
many show and light effects.

The congregation has youth adviser Thomas
Flachsland, expert in the field of lighting and sound engineering. He developed
with young people at Aktionstage light installations in church rooms and
City halls. "Bringing faith and light together is immediate for people
knowable ??, Flachsland knows ?? to experience this together and feel about it
Sharing offers many opportunities and stimulates ??. As a circular church
Service becomes with a mobile stage as well as sound and light equipment ev.
Youth work in Westmünsterland will increasingly be supported locally.

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