Lights Sunday must also be canceled

Lights Sunday must also be canceled

Das Stadtmarketing muss nun auch den dritten verkaufsoffenen Sonntag in diesem Jahr, den Lichtersonntag, der am 08.11.2020 stattfinden soll, absagen. Ein Erlass des Wirtschaftsministeriums NRW vom 14.07.2020 hatte zwar verkaufsoffene Sonntage ohne Veranstaltungsbezug empfohlen, da aufgrund der coronabedingten Schließungen im ersten Quartal Großteile des Einzelhandels sehr stark gelitten haben. Das Oberverwaltungsgericht Münster (OVG) hatte aber – auf Klagen der Gewerkschaft ver.di – diverse verkaufsoffene Sonntage, die auf Basis dieses Erlasses angestrebt worden waren, in NRW verboten.

Based on this decree (the actual occasions / events are banned until December 31.12, 2020 due to Corona), Stadtmarketing Bocholt had submitted an application for the Sunday shopping in the second half of the year. The Bokeltsen meeting has already been canceled. The light illuminations for the Sunday of Lights were still planned, the pan flute group should not appear. In order to be related to an event, a small light market should take place (markets are allowed!). Because of the difficult situation in the retail sector, the churches would have supported this open Sunday of the lights.

However, the prerequisite for opening sales on Sundays on the basis of the Shop Opening Act is a formative occasion which, taken in isolation, attracts a corresponding stream of visitors. A small corona-compliant event would not be sufficient to be regarded as a correspondingly formative event in the sense of case law. A new regulatory authority ordinance based on this would very likely be attacked by ver.di. Ver.di categorically rejects business openings on Sundays without a corresponding reason. The Higher Administrative Court in Münster has followed all the complaints so far and has banned Sundays without sufficient cause. Events that would meet the requirements should, however, be classified as major events and are prohibited until the end of the year on the basis of the Corona Protection Ordinance.

This means that in view of this legal situation and the negative attitude of the ver.di union, the public order department of the city of Bocholt and city marketing Bocholt must also hold the Sunday of Lights on November 8.11. Unfortunately cancel.

How things continue in December with the shopping Sundays due to the current Corona Protection Ordinance depends on further legal developments at the state level and on further discussions in Bocholt.

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