BocholtTV and BocholtNews become "Made in Bocholt"

BocholtTV and BocholtNews become "Made in Bocholt"

The news portals BocholtTV and BocholtNews are growing together and now appear under the common title "Made in Bocholt" in a uniform magazine design. "Background is a gradual professionalization of our journalistic offer," explains Berthold Blesenkemper. In the future, Made in Bocholt will create more own reports, reports and commentaries from the fields of politics, economy and society.

While the now almost 13.000 subscribers of the Facebook page are provided with the usual up-to-date and short information, the online portal contains longer reports and background information. Both sides of "Made in Bocholt" are closely linked and freely accessible to everyone.

"We were encouraged by the many positive reactions to our portrait series 36,5 Grad, realized together with the magazine PAN, as well as our own comments and analyzes," says Berthold Blesenkemper. However, the team still links external sources to Made in Bocholt. "In the city, there are so many people creating detailed lyrics and taking great photos, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we see ourselves as those who gather together the most important or most beautiful thing of the day and refer or link to it, "it continues.

In order for Made in Bocholt to fulfill this task, the editorial office asks companies, clubs and organizations to include them in their mailing list. "An email to is enough to inform us, "explains Berthold Blesenkemper. Incidentally, tips and suggestions are also accepted under the same address.

About Made in Bocholt

Made in Bocholt is a news portal. The articles published here consist of press releases from various sources as well as author contributions, which are usually displayed by attribution.