Replacement of the Astir jeans by ASK 18

Replacement of the Astir jeans by ASK 18
Air Sports Group Bocholt

Until recently, the Astir jeans were at the Bocholt Air Sports Group
Single-seater that the trainee pilots fly after the double-seat training
should. However, since this was flown less and less and for some of the
Has not been able to use members at all due to their height
the association started looking for an alternative some time ago.
The ASK 18 was shortlisted from the very beginning
desired aircraft types. This was only at Schleicher from 1974 to 1977
Built 47 times, so it was difficult to put an ASK 18 on the
Find aircraft market. LSG Bocholt succeeded a few weeks ago
however acquire one.

The previous owner had already started covering the area
ASK 18 to renew, but can not complete this. In the course of
In the past few weeks, some of the club members have been with
Skills and permissions started covering the surfaces again
and apply the first layers of varnish. During winter work
A renewal of the hull covering is also planned for 2020/2021. The
Painting should be in the style of traditional glider painting
as with the construction of the ASK 18, with a red nose, a red one
Tail and red wing tips.

An age like the over 40 years of the ASK 18 is in the case of gliders
good care is not unusual, let alone dangerous.
The Bocholt Air Sports Group with the ASK 18 is accordingly certain
to have invested very well in the future of the association. With the ASK 18
the flight students will not only have to switch from ASK 13 (our
Double seater) on a single seater significantly lighter, the ASK 18 also hurries
the reputation of a good-natured yet powerful aircraft ahead. The
The association has already given Jeans Astir to another one two weeks ago
Reselling glider club.

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