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Vietnamese Thi Bich Lien Nguyen is Lorenz Weegen winner 2019

Thi Bich Lien Nguyen from Dong Thap (Vietnam) is the Lorenz-Weg winner 2019. This evening, the student from the Westfälische Hochschule - Department Bocholt - was honored for her master's thesis (theory, application and comparative analysis of classification procedures for creditworthiness) in the Degree Management course. With her not only all graduates but also the [...]

Filippa Giesen is Bocholt's reading queen 2019

Filippa Giesen is Bocholt's reading queen 2019. The pupil of the elementary school Diepenbrock (Europaplatz) won the Leskönig-Vorlesewettbewerb in the city library in front of Liam Tefert from the Clemens-August-Schule and Mathilda Wilms from the Biemenhorster Schule. Christian Seggewiße, Ela Kaya, Lenya Sophie Ehlting and Claire Maix Schäfer also travel with the three to the regional competition. Photo: Bruna Wansing / City Bocholt

Handwerkskammer honors its training ambassadors

To arouse interest in crafts and to motivate them to get an education - this is the aim of 92 apprentices from the chamber district of Münster, who have gone to school as new training ambassadors this year. They reported there on their way into the craft and their own experience in the profession. For their commitment, the young ambassadors and their [...]

Regional autumn meeting of the home associations

District Borken / Heek. At the invitation of the district home nurse Christel Höink, the board members of the 19 home associations from the area Ahaus and the team of the office of district home care for this year's autumn meeting came together. It all began with a guided tour of the Holy Cross Church, which Pastor Josef Leyer took over for the approximately 40 participants. Then began [...]

Wednesday's last crunch market of the year

On Wednesday, 20. November, the last Krammarkt of this year takes place in Bocholt. This has opened in the period from 9.00 clock to 18.30 clock. 120 Krammarkthändler present their offer at the Gasthausplatz, St. Georg Square, the market square in front of the historic town hall, on the Nordstraße, the Osterstraße, the Neustraße and the Neutorplatz. Many useful things of the [...]

ESB carries out driver safety training for employees

Bocholt (PID). The winter service places high demands on the employees of the disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB). The use takes place in the context of readiness mostly from the early morning hours, in extremely bad weather and visibility conditions as well as in the onset of rush hour traffic. To prepare for it, a driving safety training took place now. 21 drivers were selected for winter [...]

Policewise adolescents are negatively hospitalized

Bocholt (ots) - On Wednesday evening the police were informed about a theft attempt and a detained suspect in the Bocholter hospital. According to witnesses, two adolescents known to have been in the hospital for a "long time" were seen on several stations from 16.00 onwards. In the evening, a patient became aware of a teenager, who in the patient's room [...]

How and where to apply for social benefits

Bocholt (PID). What are the social benefits, how and where do you apply for them? These questions are asked by volunteer carers or agents because they are responsible for medical, professional and social rehabilitation in the area of ​​health care representation. Answers to this are now available for a free training session on Monday, 18. September, from 18: 30 clock in the town hall [...]

Exhibitionist in the city forest

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, a still unknown man exposed himself to 10.55 clock in front of a 23-year-old Bocholter, who was walking in the city forest with two toddlers. The crime scene is located on the duck pond, about 300 m north of the Stadtwald-Gastronomie. The injured protected the children from the sight and spoke clearly to the offender. This drew [...]

Giesers apprentice best technical system planner in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

30 of 243's best-in-class trainees from industry, trade and service have learned their trade in a company from the Münsterland region or from the Emscher-Lippe region. At the national Bestenehrung of the North Rhine-Westphalia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK) at the 22. November at the Stadthalle Hagen, the district of the IHK Nord Westfalen presents itself again as one of the strongest [...]

District chimney sweep Arno van der Linde reappointed

District chimney sweeps have now been reordered at the district government of Münster. Arno van der Linde (55) from Rhede has retained his sweeping district on the outskirts of Bocholt with the districts Bocholt-Nord, Stenern, Barlo and shirts. He is from the 1. January for another seven years, responsible for the management of this area, as he successfully [...]

Reidegeld to abuse cases in the church: "We lose confidence"

Rhede. The end of the refurbishment process is open. The stressed pastor Thorsten Schmölzing at the end of the informational evening, to which the parish of St. Gudula at the 13. November had invited. Anger and disbelief are still a year after the cases of sexual abuse by a now deceased chaplain of the former parish of "The Holy Family" became known. But there is also hope that those affected will be helped. Dr. Jochen Reidegeld, Deputy Vicar General of the Diocese of Münster, once again expressly supported the diocese at the information event. In addition to Reidegeld, the interim representative of the diocese, Peter Frings, came to Rhede to answer questions. At the beginning of the evening, Schmolzing looked back on what had happened since the abuse scandal in Rhede had become known. A working group has invited to various events with different topics. The parish will be accompanied by Claudia Maria Hardeweg, head of the marriage, family and life counseling center in Bocholt, and Michael Sandkamp from the diocese Münster.Elf sufferers have so far reported to Martin Schmitz, initiator of the Rheder self-help group. Overall, he goes from 20 to 30 sufferers in Rhede. While Schmitz praised the commitment of Pastor Schmölzing and the bodies in terms of work-up, "many affected feel in the parish in good hands and taken seriously," there was criticism from his side to the action of the diocese. Reactions and answers from Münster once again humiliated those affected, Schmitz was disappointed. That Münster's Bishop Dr. Felix Genn had made in recent months, no conversation in Rhede, but most of those present also had little understanding. Shock and horror of the crimes against children and adolescents - Reidegeld underlined once again his own concern. The deputy Vicar General pointed out the measures that had brought the bishopric as a consequence on the way: "And we are certainly not done yet." Reidegeld admitted negligence: "We have not yet succeeded in catching up everything in the consciously or unconsciously went wrong in past decades. "The reason that abuse in this form has become possible, sees Reidegeld, inter alia, in the system of the Catholic Church:" If we do not create a change of system, when men and women, priests and lay people in the Leadership is not equal, we lose the final trust of the people. "A" last chance "sees the Deputy Vicar General in the so-called Synodal way, in which the German bishops want to discuss with the Central Committee of Catholics (ZdK) from December on changes in the Church Peter Frings admitted mistakes in his first months as an intervention officer in the Access to affected persons. Everything was new, many things had been unpredictable: "I learned from the first conversations." As regards the processing of abuse cases in the diocese, Frings relies on the results of the Historical Commission of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, which works independently of the diocese. Not only the perpetrators Those responsible for personnel should also be held accountable, those present demanded: "What happened there can only be described as a disaster, as a failure of the administration on the whole line," a parish member once again vented his annoyance.Photo: Turned One year after the abuse cases were discovered by a former chaplain in Rhede, the questions of the parishioners (from left): Martin Schmitz, Michael Rössing, moderator Michael Sandkamp, ​​Jochen Reidegeld and Peter Frings. © Diocese of Münster [...]

"Green thread" planned along the Aa

The diversity of species and habitat has also noticeably decreased in recent years in Westmünsterland. Especially butterflies, wild bees, but also bird species are threatened. That is why the initiative LEADER Region Bocholter Aa calls the project "Biodiversity - Green Thread" into being. The aim is to create a communally coherent green corridor to promote biodiversity throughout the [...]

Since today Bocholt lights up again

As of today, Thursday, 14.11., Just in time for 17 clock, the inner city streets and shopping centers shine again in the advent light. Employees of the Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft and the Bocholt-based electric company Rohleder have been busy hanging Christmas trees in the city with Christmas wreaths over 200 garlands, light frames, comets and 35 street surges since the beginning of November. Most of the work is done, the big fir trees [...]