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CDU for water dispensers in schools

Can students in Bocholt soon fill their water bottles with water dispensers? At least the CDU faction Bocholt proposes this and asks the administration to examine to what extent this is possible. Very often, children and adolescents do not drink enough. This is especially true in the hot summer days, as we have last experienced ??, the CDU city council Barbara [...]

CDU Seniors Union on a summer trip to the Cologne area, Bad Honnef and the Rhenish lignite mining area

At this year's trip, 47 participants first visited the German Sport University in Cologne. They were welcomed by Professor Ingo Frobröse, head of the Center for Health through Sport and Physical Activity. Subsequently, a guided tour through the various sports facilities of the campus. The next event of the day was the visit of the German Aerospace Center [...]

CDU inquiry on microplastics in Bocholt

Which measures could reduce the burden of microplastics in Bocholt? This is one of several questions that the CDU Group will have for the upcoming meeting of the Environment Committee at 4. July presents. Barbara Fölting, CDU city councilor, explains: "Microplastic is difficult to break down. Once it gets into the environment, the tiny plastic particles are subject to further fragmentation, causing them to [...]

CDU Bocholt East meets traditional football club VfL 45 Bocholt eV

On Thursday before the long Pentecost weekend, the board of the Bocholt CDU Local Union East met representatives of the football club VfL 45 Bocholt in their clubhouse to discuss solutions to various topics of the association. The representatives of the association included managing director Siegfried Welling and chairman of the board Jochen Bradatsch. After various rumors from the past that [...]

With fantastic ideas and a high-ranking visit: The Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt comes to an end with a big closing event

TODAY. MORNING. FUTURE. This is the motto of the big closing event of Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt. It will take place on Friday, the 28. June to 18: 15 clock in the Westphalian College Bocholt, Munsterstrasse 265. Invited are all Bocholterinnen and Bocholter. As a guest, among others, Minister of Health Jens Spahn is expected. The focus of the evening will be on the results of the five [...]

Environmental policy with sense and understanding: CDU rejects climate emergency

The CDU faction in the town council of Bocholt will approve the request of the SPD to declare the climate emergency in Bocholt at the next meeting of the town council on the 12. Reject June. Burkhard Weber, chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, explains: "Bocholt is a liveable city. And that should remain the same for our children and grandchildren. Therefore, for the CDU [...]

Higher fines for garbage sinners in Bocholt?

Anyone who illegally disposes of waste could in future have to reckon with significantly higher penalties and levies. This provides at least the last week published new fine catalog of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The CDU faction Bocholt now wants to know from the administration, whether she plans to raise the penalty and Verwarngelder also in Bocholt. ?? Due to the increased use of [...]

Preventing bridge closures - enabling new investments

Some bridges in the Bocholter urban area are known to be in poor condition. To avoid blocking, they urgently need to be refurbished or even renewed. According to initial estimates of the administration, this requires 400.000 Euro. In a request from the administration, the CDU wants to know what options are available for financing the necessary refurbishment and, on the other hand, for not blocking urgently needed new investments. [...]

CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße

The renovation of Dingdener Straße is delayed again and again. As the construction works are with considerable hindrance for the adjoining tradesmen and local residents, the CDU fraction Bocholt puts seven questions now to the administration. Among other things, she would like to know when the completion of the currently idle construction phase can be expected and how such delays should be avoided in the future. The group chairman Burkhard Weber [...]

CDU wants to support institutions with new educator training

From the 2020 / 21 school year, the August Vetter vocational college in Bocholt intends to offer the course of teacher training as a practice-integrated training (PIA). Among other things, the reorientation means that the child day care providers pay the students a training allowance, regardless of whether the students are at the institution or participate in other internships or school events. The CDU faction [...]

With 770 Euro: CDU honors good ideas for Bocholt

What needs to improve in Bocholt? The CDU Bocholt would like to know that at its information stand in the city center of the Bocholter citizens. She awards the seven best ideas with 11 Bocholter Talern worth 110 Euro. ?? As a CDU, we have lots of ideas on how to move Bocholt forward. But also as the largest political organization with [...]

Well chilled Easter greetings

On Saturday morning, the team of the local North-West branch of the CDU Bocholt braved the unusually cold April weather and distributed in front of the Edeka market Harmeling in Holtwick the first Easter greetings. Among the colorful eggs there was information material on the European elections. The six CDU members were particularly pleased about the keen interest of the purchasers in the information provided. Joachim Unland, OV-Chairman: ?? Some even suggest [...]

CDU Proposal: Making use of road construction savings for ecological projects

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia will assume a larger part of the costs for road construction projects in the future. Against this background, the CDU parliamentary group wants to know from the administration how much money the city of Bocholt has saved by the changes at the meeting of the town council meeting tomorrow. She also asks the administration whether the funds saved can be earmarked for ecological projects. As […]