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CDU meets club representatives and interested citizens from the district Feldmark

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions have been discussed and discussed by the CDU-Ortsverband West in an open and informal discussion with the local representatives of the district Feldmark and interested citizens at the 12.09.2019 in the premises of the Lebenshilfe. The main topics of the evening included the offers of the Lebenshilfe and the offers of the individual Clubs can be better merged for the district. Also, the advertising / - as well as event issues for clubs was addressed. Everyone involved agreed that this should not have been the last meeting of its kind. The chairman of the CDU local West promised to deal with the issues immediately and to bring the necessary inquiries as quickly as possible on the way. [...]

Family celebration of the CDU Bocholt

The annual family celebration of the CDU Bocholt takes place this year on Saturday, the 21. September, instead. The party invites all members and interested parties from 15 to 18 clock in the home town of Mussum, Am Marienplatz 4, a. On this occasion, the CDU Bocholt will also honor its longtime members. Among other things, the former member of parliament [...]

CDU invites you to a joint conversation

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions would like to discuss the Bocholt CDU Local Union West in an open discussion with the local club representatives and citizens of the district Feldmark. The discussion evening will take place on Thursday, the 12. September, at 19 clock in the premises of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt, Werther street 173, instead. Barely [...]

Application of the CDU: City should renaturate its own gravel gardens

For the next Council meeting, the CDU parliamentary party requests that the city of Bocholt re-seal sealed urban areas. As a first measure, the gravel garden of the administrative branch office on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße will be upgraded ecologically. A green roof in suitable buildings calls the CDU in their application. Michael Wiesmann, Chairman of the Environment Committee, explains: "Pure gravel or rock gardens are [...]

Electrification of the railway line: CDU faction calls mayor to action

At the end of 2019 it should actually be completed, the electrification of the railway line between Bocholt and Wesel. But this goal has long been unrealizable. According to the information available now, the commissioning of the electrified line can no longer be expected before the end of 2021. The CDU faction in Bocholt City Council is now urging mayor Peter Nebelo to [...]

CDU Bocholt North-West welcomes the completion of the refurbishment of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße

Since 2009, the CDU local association Bocholt North-West is engaged in the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße (L 602) between the Bussardweg and the Holtwicker Bach. Since this is a state road, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible for the construction project. So far, unfortunately, missed the state funds. The good contact of the CDU local association to the Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst has managed to clarify the need for the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip. The priority of the measure was upgraded byStreet.NRW and in March 2019 the funds could be provided to the cityBocholt, which was then also charged with the planning and implementation. After just two months of construction, the renovation is completed and the now designated cycle and footpath is released for traffic again. The CDU Bocholt North-West is pleased that the measure could be implemented quickly and without friction and the safety for the cyclists and pedestrians at this point again is guaranteed. [...]

CDU for water dispensers in schools

Can students in Bocholt soon fill up their water bottles with water dispensers? This beats at least the CDU faction Bocholtvor and asks the administration to examine to what extent this is possible. Very often children and young people drink too little. This is especially true in the hot summer days, as we have last experienced ??, states the CDU City Councilor Barbara Fölting. As the German Society for Nutrition writes, should be provided to the students throughout the entire school day water.Barbara Fölting this: ?? Water is not only significantly healthier than sugary drinks, but as a thirst quencher also best suited. By water dispensers in schools want We make sure that kids drink low-sugar drinks. In addition, using plastic bottles causes less plastic waste. The CDU parliamentary group therefore requests that the administration examine how schools that want it can be equipped with water dispensers. The motion will be discussed at the next session of the city council meeting at the 10. Be in July. [...]

CDU Seniors Union on a summer trip to the Cologne area, Bad Honnef and the Rhenish lignite mining area

At this year's trip, 47 participants first visited the German Sport University in Cologne. They were welcomed by Professor Ingo Frobröse, head of the Center for Health through Sport and Physical Activity. Afterwards followed a tour of the campus's various sports venues. The next item on the agenda was a visit to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne-Wahn. Among other things, the guests were given an insight into the training program of the astronauts. On the second day, the group visited the medieval village of Alt-Kaster in Bedburg. In the beautiful park of the Danielshof, the lunch table was set for the participants. Afterwards the introduction into the topic lignite started in the castle Paffendorf. The bus went to the RheinischeBraunkohlerevier. Under expert guidance, the CDU seniors were able to get an idea of ​​the dismantling and the resulting consequences. The end of the trip was a dinner in the wonderful Seeparkhotel in Geldern. The trip was organized by Anton Harks. [...]

CDU inquiry on microplastics in Bocholt

What measures could be taken to reduce the burden of microplastics in Bocholt? This is one of several questions that the CDU Group will ask for the upcoming meeting of the Environment Committee at 4. Barbara Fölting, CDU city councilor, explains: "Microplasticity is only moderately degradable. Once released into the environment, the tiny plastic particles are subject to further fragmentation, allowing them to pass through modern drinking water systems. Thus, the small plastic particles also get into the human body, while the health consequences are still unpredictable. Therefore, we should as far as possible urgently avoid that microplastic gets into the environment, Fölting calls. But this is exactly what happens for example through many conventional turf pitches and small pitches. The microplastic granules are flushed through precipitation, wind and abrasion into the sewage system, thus entering the environment. According to the manufacturer, 250 to 4000Kilogramm Mikroplastik are held annually in a modern artificial turf pitch. "Even if a blockage of the artificial turf pitches in Bocholt is currently not a topic of discussion, we should consider how we can protect the environment more ??," Group Chairman Burkhard Weber. The CDU Group would like to know in this context, whether it is the Kunstrasenplätzen and small pitches in Bocholt are systems that reduce the uptake of microplastic particles into water. However, in the case of conventional synthetic turf pitches, questions arise for the CDU as to what eco-friendly alternatives exist, whether the existing artificial turf pitches can be converted and what possibilities exist for reducing the yield of microplastic particles. In addition, the CDU would like to know from the administration whether there are any other sources known in the urban area that exert a load of microplastic particles and by what means the burdens can be reduced here. [...]

CDU Bocholt East meets traditional football club VfL 45 Bocholt eV

On Thursday before the long Pentecost weekend, the board of the Bocholter CDU Local Union East met representatives of the football club VfL 45 Bocholtin their club home to discuss solutions to various topics of the club. Among the representatives of the association were CEO Siegfried Welling and Chairman of the Board Jochen Bradatsch.Nach various rumors from the past, according to which the club was on the verge of dissolution, VfL 45 is now two years economically and athletically on the upswing. To date, the club has again built 13 teams, including 9 youth teams. But according to the managing director, this is exactly where the problems begin. In Bocholt the association is currently the only one who has only one floodlight system for only two sports fields. In winter, when it gets dark early, and in tournaments so too little illuminated playing surface for all teams available. A second floodlight installation would be the first step in solving this problem, Welling said. Furthermore, the club wishes another football field for the Bambini. Here you could imagine, the adjacent ?? Bolzplatz ?? In order to ensure VfL 45 continues to be able to roam about 130 children, including 50% with a migrant background. The association has already renovated the changing rooms in recent years and replaced the 40-old heater with a new one. In the future, one would like to modernize the facility of the clubhouse. "We want to create a cozy, family atmosphere where everyone can talk to anyone and where every child feels comfortable," said Welling. [...]

With fantastic ideas and a high-ranking visit: The Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt comes to an end with a big closing event

TODAY. MORNING. FUTURE. Under this motto stands the big closing event of Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt. It takes place onFriday, the 28. June to 18: 15 clock in the Westphalian College Bocholt, Munsterstrasse 265. Invited are all Bocholterinnen and Bocholter. Amongst other things, Minister of Health Jens Spahn is expected to attend. The results of the five trend shops will be at the center of the evening, announces Gisbert Bresser from the organizing team at Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt. "It's been a little over a year since Trend Factory started its work. During this time, countless Bocholders discussed, worked and exchanged views. Bresser.Lukas Kwiatkowski, chairman of the CDU Bocholt, which organizes Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt, adds: "A special highlight next to the presentation of the results is certainly the visit of the Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn , We are very happy that he will participate in the grand closing event. Spahn will inform himself about the results at the final event and will then be available for a discussion with the Bocholterns. In addition, Hans Hund, President of the Chamber of Crafts Münster, will give a greeting. "An exciting event with high-ranking guests and fantastic ideas for Bocholt," says Kwiatkowski, is certain. Participation in the closing event of Trend-WerkStadt # fürbocholt is free of charge. However, as seats are limited, registration is mandatory. Until Sunday, the 23. June, all interested Bocholter can register online under or by phone under 02871-23147. [...]

Environmental policy with sense and understanding: CDU rejects climate emergency

The CDU faction in the city council of Bocholt will approve the request of the SPD to declare the climate emergency in Bocholt at the next session of the city council meeting on the 12. Reject June. BurkhardWeber, chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, explains: "Bocholt is a liveable city. And that should remain the same for our children and grandchildren. That is why preserving species diversity and combating climate change are key issues for the CDU. We pursue these goals resolutely, with reason and a sense of proportion. Populist demands, such as the proclamation of a climate emergency, on the other hand, the Bocholt CDU faction resolutely declines. For environmental protection is not a question of awkward actionism and pure populism. Environmental protection is a question of concrete actions. The of the ?? Panicked after the last election results ?? In the end, symbolic politics requested by Bocholt SPD will not take us one step further. In contrast, the CDU Bocholt will continue to work for meaningful and sensible environmental policy. Therefore, on the one hand, we will reject the ineffective proclamation of a climate emergency and, on the other hand, continue our real-political approaches to environmental protection. For example, we have made a request for the upcoming meeting of the Environment Committee, which aims to contain microplastics in Bocholt. [...]

Higher fines for garbage sinners in Bocholt?

Anyone who disposes of waste illegally could face significantly higher penalties and warnings in the future. At least, this is what the new catalog of fines of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, published last week, foresees. The CDU faction Bocholt would now like to know from the administration, if she plans to raise the penalty and Verwarngelder also in Bocholt accordingly. ?? By the increased use of disposable packaging and disposable cups has the careless plastic littering in Bocholt in various places such as the station Bus stops, in parks, on car parks or on roadsides increased greatly. Any piece of plastic, whether a plastic bag, disposable cup, or candy paper that is disposed of incorrectly, gets into the environment, breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, and then becomes microplastic. We have to fight against this development ??, the CDU city councilors Barbara Fölting and Thomas Eusterfeldhaus justify the request. The revised penalty and custody money catalog provides decision-making authority to the competent local authorities to punish offenses in the area of ​​environmental protection. Thus, the new 100 Euro fine catalog is sufficient for the unlawful disposal of individual smaller items (such as cigarette butts, disposable coffee mugs, paper plates, fruit and food residues or beverage cans) up to 50.000 Euro and more for the deliberate commercial dumping of large quantities of environmentally hazardous substances. The previous recommendation for sanctioning such and similar violations ranged from only 10 to 25 Euro.??The significantly higher fines and custodial charges show the garbage sinners that society no longer tolerates carelessly polluting our environment. Together with appropriate controls, they could be an effective remedy for the increasing littering, mainly through plastic parts, "Fölting and Eusterfeldhaus explain. However, the city administration would have to raise the penalty and Verwarngelder in Bocholt accordingly. Because the new penalty and Verwarnungsgeldkatalog is not binding, but only a recommendation for municipalities that decide individually on the amount of the fines. Against this background, the CDU parliamentary group wants to know from the city administration eineinen how they related to the current situation in the city of Bocholt on the Pollution of public transport areas. She also asks whether the administration intends to follow the new recommendation of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia and increase the fine and cashing in Bocholt accordingly. If not, the CDU would like to know the reasons against this increase. The request will be discussed at the next session of the City Council on 12. Source: [...]

Preventing bridge closures - enabling new investments

Some bridges in the Bocholter urban area are known to be in poor condition. To avoid blocking, they urgently need to be refurbished or even renewed. According to initial estimates of the administration, this requires 400.000 Euro. The CDU wants to know in a request from the administration, which possibilities there are to finance the necessary redevelopment and on the other hand urgently necessary new investments not to block. The chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, Burkhard Weber, explains this: The CDU is a positive and appealing cityscape a very important concern. Marode and locked bridges certainly do not contribute to this. Also, urban assets, and thus assets of the citizens of Bocholt, will be burned if we let the bridges continue to deteriorate. Therefore, we have to be careful with the accumulation of rebuilding waste in the past! On the other hand, the long list of priorities also shows that there are numerous other projects that now need to be urgently put into action. So we want to know what opportunities the administration sees to finance the necessary rebuilding of the bridges to prevent blockage on the one hand and not to block urgently needed new investments on the other hand? The question will be discussed at the next meeting of the city council this coming Wednesday , the 12. June, his. [...]

CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße

The renovation of Dingdener Straße is delayed again and again. As the construction works are with considerable hindrance for the adjoining tradesmen and local residents, the CDU fraction Bocholt puts seven questions now to the administration. Among other things, she would like to know when to expect the completion of the currently idle construction phase and how such delays should be avoided in the future.Der Group Chairman Burkhard Weber said: "Of course, the current renovation of Dingdener road is absolutely necessary because now the Part substantial damage in the street can be eliminated. But we must also remember that the construction work is associated with significant adverse effects for the adjoining traders and residents. Because the use of secret paths and the traffic routing over partially wide diversions are unsatisfactory in the long term. In addition, they mean additional burden on the environment and the economy. ?? The CDU Group Chairman demands:? Delays in construction must therefore be avoided as much as possible! ?? All the more unfortunate is the CDU faction that recently a freeze has occurred, which was evidently caused by the city of Bocholt due to lack of on-time material for the piping of Laaker Bach ??, as Burkhard Weber together with Heinrich Welsing, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, and Michael Wiesmann, Chairman of the Environment Committee, in the request writes. For this reason, the CDU parliamentary group asks at the next meeting of the Committee for Transport and Economic Development at 23. May be to answer these questions: 1. When were the individual construction phases (ie road construction and water engineering) coordinated among the responsible project managers? 2. Was a common schedule defined and if so, when was the installation of the required special profiles scheduled? 3. When were the plans for crossing the Laaker creek completed? 4. When was the currently stagnant construction phase started? 5. When did it become apparent that the originally planned installation date of the special profile was no longer feasible? Would the beginning of the work on the still existing construction phase still be postponed? 6. When is the completion of the construction phase that is still in standby now to be expected, and where are there further interfaces between Straßen.NRW and the city of Bocholt in this overall construction project? 7. How will such delays be avoided in the future? [...]