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Cafe International opens again after the holidays

On Friday, 31.8. After the holidays, the "Cafe International" of the Evangelical Church began again in the parish hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15. The meeting takes place on Fridays from 16 to 18 pm and since December 2016 has been used as a meeting place between locals and asylum seekers, mainly from Persian-speaking countries. Translators are present for Persian-speaking persons. In addition to drinking coffee there are also the offer to read the common Bible for those interested. [...]

Cafe International opens again after the holidays

On Friday, 31.8. begins after the holidays again the "Cafe International" of the Protestant parish in the parish hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15. The meeting takes place on Fridays from 16 to 18 pm and since December 2016 has been used as a meeting place between locals and asylum seekers, mainly from the Persian-speaking world. For Persian-speaking persons translators are [...]

Parents' evening in the Family Center Friedrich-Froebel "Resilienz"

On Wednesday, the 18.09.19 of 19.30 - 21.45 watch deals with the subject of "resilience". Under the direction of Nadine Schöttler, we are concerned with what we can do to ensure that our children grow up resilient and healthy.Practice-oriented and from different perspectives, the topic " Resilience ": What is resilience and what does it have to do with healthy growing up? How can my child grow up as healthy and resilient as possible? And what role does the system play in families in the resilience construct? Take home evening new ideas, impulses and practical handling strategies and then apply them on an exciting discovery journey in everyday life with your children. The parents' evening takes place in the community center of the Evangelical Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15, 46395 Bocholt. [...]

Holiday church in the Apostelkirche

Next Sunday, 4.8.19, will take place as part of the "holiday church" of the Evangelical Church Bocholt, the service in the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15 in Bocholt. We invite you to join us. The service begins at 11 o'clock and is designed by the predecessor Margrit Schmeing and volunteers. After the service, the church café invites to a cozy get-together [...]

Holiday church in the apostle church on the 21.7. with the St. Daniels Choir from Moscow

On holiday Sunday, 21.7., The holiday church of the Protestant church community Bocholt takes place in the Apostelkirche, Biemenhorster Weg 15 in Bocholt. We invite you cordially. The service begins at 11 o'clock. The service is organized by St. Daniel's choir from Moscow. The choir has landed in Moscow from Dusseldorf and commits to a concert tour. In the service, works from the Russian Orthodox liturgy can be heard. The director of St. Daniels Choir wrote: "The melancholy-dreamy Russian folk tunes and the far-reaching melodies of Russian Orthodox church music In connection with the sight of time-honored basilicas and their beautiful icons, open the door of the mystery of the swirling Russian mind, which is also referred to as the Russian Sea. As the Artistic Director of the St. Daniels Choir, I am deeply convinced that especially the inexhaustible treasure of church music and the study of spiritual values ​​makes it all easier for us to cope with the rigors of the world and of daily life; but above all, God must be at the center of our everyday lives and determine our behavior. "On each holiday Sunday in the summer holidays, a joint service for the entire church in the Evangelical Church community Bocholt alternately in the Apostle, in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Hausund in the Christuskirche, respectively celebrated at the usual local <> [...]

Holiday church of the Evangelical parish Bocholt

Dear worshipers, in the summer holidays it will be our "HOLIDAY CHURCH" again. give. The Presbyterium of the Protestant parish Bocholt has agreed: On holiday Sunday, a joint service for the whole community is celebrated alternately in the Apostelkirche, in the Christuskirche and in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, each at the usual local times. For the exact dates and locations, please click on the picture. [...]

Confirmation days at the apostle church

At the beginning of July, the Confirmation Days were held at the Apostle Church, during which the young people engaged in the film The King of Narnia on the first day. The author of the story, CS Lewis, has wrapped up the biblical events around Jesus Christ in a fairytale for children. And so we compare the fairy tale with the statements of the Bible. There were exciting discoveries! On the second day we visited the Münster Zoo. Under the motto ?? Animals of the Bible ?? The young people had to go through the zoo and solve tasks by means of a questionnaire. You had a lot of fun. In the picture, some confirmands watch the demonstration of the ram training in the Münster Zoo. [...]

This year's tent camp was a great success

This year's tent camp was a great success In the most glorious weather 15 children plus carers struck their tents from29.-30.6.19 in the meadow at the Apostle Church in Bocholt auf.Das this year's tent camp was under the slogan ?? Who are our superheroes? and so was a special highlight the visit to the Poilzeiwache on the program. After the marshmallow crickets and great movement games with guitar music, the children could show off at bedtime on a night walk that they too are little superheroes, and so Bocholt once in the dark [... ]

Parish feast at the apostle church

Warm invitation to the parish feast on 09.06.2018 (Pentecost Sunday), which this time is aligned with the apostle church. The celebration starts with a joint service at 11 clock in the meadow at the Apostle Church. There is no service on Pentecost Sunday in other preaching places. After the service there is a program for young and old. For the sake of the body, soup, coffee and cake are offered. There is also popcorn and cotton candy. The daycare offers in the time of12.30 ?? 15.30 Watch is a special program for young pirates: the kids can get a pirate headscarf and an eyepatch. Afterwards they can discover the world on a big bouncy castle that looks like a pirate ship. A balloon artist decorates saber, octopus and parrot. In addition, the children can make-up or artistically act on children's easels. You can make giant soap bubbles or 'human do not annoy you ?? play in a giant format. On the Wheel of Fortune both adults and children can try their luck. [...]

It starts on Monday: Our chance at the doubling action on

On Monday, the 27.05., It starts. Then the SparkasseWestmünsterland starts again a doubling campaign, and our project "Financing the position of our youth adviser for the children and youth" is there! Just in time for 13 clock on 27.05.2019 is the starting signal for the action, the savings bank for all individual donations (up to 100 Euro ) give the same amount again. All in all, Sparkasse Westmünsterland has made unbelievable 40.000 Euro available. Our child and youth work lives from the work of our youth adviser. Half of this money is spent annually on donations. We are very thankful about every support. May you help? You can do the following: - It is nice if as many people as possible learn about this action. You are welcome to forward this email. We are happy if you support the child and youth work with a donation.- It is important that the donation in the Action period is made ?? am27.05.2019 starts at 13 clock! The promotion ends when 40.000 have been doubled in the Euro. - In the promotion period the reference to the doubling of the donations appears on your project page. The motto is: "As long as stocks last" .- The donation will only be doubled if the portal of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland is donated via this link: support the child and youth work with a donation. We would be very happy! I wish you a blessed weekend! Greetings, Pastor Christian WahlEvangelische Kirchengemeinde Bocholt [...]

Apostle Church participated in city cycling

At this year's city cycling there was also a team of the Apostle Church in Bocholt. Over three weeks, from the 1. May until the 21. May, 22 riders cycled a total of 3730 km. They avoided about 530 kgCO2. Many thanks to all who joined the team ?? Apostelkirche Bocholt ?? involved have. It was a nice action. Next year we'll be there again, and maybe even more cyclists.TADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance, the largest network of cities, towns, and communities for the protection of the global climate, which some 1.700 members in Europe's 26 countries are listening to. [...]

Prayer meeting will be held again

On Monday, 20.5., Our next prayer meeting will take place. It begins at 20 in the parish hall of the Apostle Church. Prayer is for personal concerns, but also for the concerns that worshipers have placed in the prayer box next to the prayer candles in the back of the apostle church. Everyone can place prayer requests there after the service and pray for their cause. [...]

Who are our superheroes? - Camp for children of 6-11 years

From the 29. ?? At 30.06.2019 we set up our tents on the church of the apostle church again.With crazy games, exciting super heroes from the Bible, creative crafts and much more, we have a lot of fun in a great community! Invited are all children between 6 and 11 years. Are you in? We look forward to you! Registration form Camp 2019For questions contactJugendreferentin Sandra van Westen02871 / 261466 [...]