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Handicrafts for the tower of the apostle church

You like to make, do handicrafts or love sewing and most of all in community? Then be there! On three afternoons / evenings, we want to meet to share different things made of felt, concrete, fabric, etc ?? to shape, to chat and to eat together afterwards and for a good cause. We want the finished products at the Pentecost service / community festival [...]

Registration for confirmation classes [18]

The parish of Apostelkirche invites you to an information and registration evening for confirmation classes. The evening will take place on 29. April at 19.30 clock in the parish hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15, Bocholt. Classes for the new year will take place on Tuesdays. There are also four mandatory confirmation mornings on Saturday, as lessons are reduced to one year. [...]

Ecumenical pulpit exchange of the Apostle Church with St. Joseph

On the 31.3. will preach in the Apostle church pastor Andreas Hagemann of the Catholic community St. Joseph with us. While Pastor Hagemann preaches in the Protestant services (9.30 clock Christ and 11.00 clock apostle church) this Sunday, Pastor Wahl will be on Sunday at 9 clock in the church Ewaldi, 10 clock in Maria Comforter and 11.15 [...]

Family service with bibliolog at 24.3. in the apostle church

The Protestant church invites you to the family worship service at the 24.3.19. The service begins at 11 clock in the Apostle Church on Biemenhorster way. The service is about the subject of "Jesus follow". Instead of a sermon, Pastor Christian Wahl has a bibliologist instead of a sermon. Bibliolog is a method of interactive interpretation of biblical texts [...]

Pastor Ursula August advertises interreligious dialogue

Bocholt Rhede-Isselburg. According to Ms. August, for 7 years, Turkey's Lutheran pastor lives in Istanbul today, only 0,12% German-speaking Christians in comparison to the Islamic majority society, but living together in daily life is characterized by invitations to common celebrations and religious events. The mayors invite you to break the fast, just as the Christian communities use Christmas cards to [...]

Apostelkirche shines in the colorful light

Parish tests new lighting technology Bocholt ?? 7. March 2019 From purple to blue and yellow to red ?? The whole spectrum of light illuminates since this week the Apostelkirche in Bocholt and lets the church space shine anew. For three weeks the congregation tests with the help of the equipment of the Ev. Youth work in the church circle Steinfurt-Coesfeld-Borken Light moods and scenes. To […]

EC and apostle church make filth

Every year, the ESB (waste disposal and service company) organizes a waste collection campaign for Bocholt, in which hundreds of children and adults participate to make Bocholt cleaner and more liveable. We, the children and youth work of the Apostle Church, find the idea ingenious and want to get involved in it again this year. Together we want to explore the environment of the Apostle Church [...]

From the Ruhr area to the Bosphorus and back - Lecture with Pastor Ursula August on church work in Istanbul in the Apostelkirche

From 2011 to 2017, Ursula August was a pastor in the German Protestant community in Turkey. She lived next door to her Muslim neighbors, involved in ecumenism with other churches in Turkey. She gained experience in Christian-Islamic dialogue in the community, at school, with students, with spouses of different faiths and [...]

With the heart-prayer through the Passion-time (Seminar at the Apostelkirche)

Passion time invites you to pause and search for God. In the Passion-time, we want to engage with each other in the prayer of the heart and together in a seminar practice the way of the prayer of the heart and go. The prayer of the heart is a spiritual practice and experience. The goal is to get into the middle of one's own being and to find the [...]