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Holiday church in the Apostelkirche

The Protestant parish Bocholt invites you to the "HOLIDAY CHURCH ?? on Sunday, 28.4.19, in the apostle church, Biemenhorster Weg 15. The service begins at 11 pm. During the Easter holidays, a joint service for the whole community is celebrated alternately in the evangelical churches. There is no service at the other preaching places. The service is held by Pastor Wahl. [...]

First aid to the child

On Tuesday, the 07. May 2019 cordially invite you to a parents evening on the theme of first aid on the child ?? at 19.30 o'clock in the parish hall of the Apostle church, Biemenhorster way 15, 46395 Bocholt, a.Referent of the evening is Klaus Mohr. After a brief presentation with basic information on first aid to the child, the Question Hour will be opened. What do I do if my child falls on his head ???, ?? My child has swallowed something? What to do ???, How do I react properly to burns ??? These and many more questions can be clarified this evening.The evening is free for you.Who would like to participate in the evening, please contact 0 28 71 / 1 32 65an. Gladly grandmas and grandfathers or friends and acquaintances can be brought. [...]

Practice the Way of the Heart Prayer (Seminar at the Apostelkirche)

After a first seminar during Passion time, the desire arose to continue practicing the way of the prayer of the heart.The prayer of the heart is a very old Christian way of meditation, already in the 3./4. The goal is to get into the middle of one's own being and to discover the source of all existence. This form of prayer promotes compassion for the people and for the whole of creation. This seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike, as the seminar will be based on a book in which 10 weeks will practice the prayer of the heart at home and numerous The title of the book is: "Practice of the Heart Prayer: Rediscover an Old Path of Meditation" by Andreas Ebert (Author), Peter Musto (Author). The book costs 19,90 € and must be purchased before the seminar itself. We meet regularly in exchange (maybe weekly or 14-day or monthly - we agree together) and practice together this evening. The first evening will be held on 8.5 , at 19.30 o'clock in the parish house of the Apostelkirche. The direction of the seminar has pastor Christian choice. The seminar is free. The minimum number of participants is 10 Personen.Zur planning is a registration required by Rev. Wahl, Tel: 13581 or by email [...]

Family service in the Apostle Church on Easter Monday

On Easter Monday, 22. In April, a joint family worship service will take place in the Apostelkirche amRosenberg for all Evangelical parishes in Bocholt. The service begins at 11.00 pm in the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15. Musically, the service is performed by the gospel choir GospelMoments ?? After the service, the traditional Easter egg hunt takes place on the communal meadow for the children and the parents are invited to a cup of coffee or tea in the Kirchcafé. [...]

Easter breakfast at the Apostelkirche Bocholt - please register!

The Protestant parish Bocholt, Apostelkirche, invites you to its Easter worship services on Easter Sunday. At 7 o'clock there is an Easter early church service with baptism reminder and at 11 o'clock the Easter festival service in the apostolic church, Biemenhorster way 15 in Bocholt. In between finds on Easter Sunday again the traditional breakfast starting from approx. 08.00 o'clock ?? between the two services ?? instead of. If you want to take part in the Easter breakfast, you must register in advance. For a good preparation, we would like to ask you to inform Ms. Menker (Tel 225464) if you would like to attend the Easter breakfast, how many people are taking part in Siedaran and what you can possibly contribute to the buffet. [...]

Handicrafts for the tower of the apostle church

If you want to make handicrafts or love to knit together, then join in. On three afternoons / evenings we want to meet to discuss different things made of felt, concrete, fabric, etc ?? to shape, to chat and afterwards to eat together and for a good cause. We want to sell the finished products at the Pentecost Service / Community Festival on 09.06.2019 in the form of a small bazaar and the proceeds go to the children and youth work for the renovation of the youth rooms in the tower. The youth would like to redesign their premises in the tower with partly larger construction measures and costs. The dates for crafting are: Saturday, 13. April 2019, from 16.00 pmSaturday, 18. May 2019, from 15.00 pmTuesday, 28. May 2019, from 17.00 clock are all loaded between 7 and 100 years. Children under 12 years in the company of an adult. Come on every three days or just once or twice. We look forward to seeing you! Janina Daniel and Sandra van WestenFor questions and registration: or 02871 / 261466 [...]

Registration for confirmation classes [18]

The parish of Apostelkirche invites you to an information and registration evening for the confirmation class. The evening will take place on 29. April at 19.30 o'clock in the parish church of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15, Bocholt.Teaching for the new year takes place on Tuesdays. In addition, there will be four mandatory confirmation mornings on Saturday, as the lesson is shortened to one year. The weekly confirmation time begins on the 21. May. The binding confirmation days will take place on the following Saturdays: · 8. ?? 9. July 2019 (Two Confirmation Days with Tour) · 7. September 2019 (9.00-13.00 Clock) · 7 March 2020 (9.00-13.00 Clock) The exact time for the weekly one-hour lessons on Tuesday afternoon and the group composition will be scheduled on the Info and Login night. Please bring the family book with the baptismal certificate to the registration evening. Even non-baptized adolescents are invited to class. They are then baptized during a Confirmation time in a church service. The confirmation is celebrated at the end of the confirmation class at the 3. May 2020 in the apostle church. [...]

Ecumenical pulpit exchange of the Apostle Church with St. Joseph

On the 31.3. will preach in the Apostle church pastor Andreas Hagemann of the catholic community St. Josef with us. While Pastor Hagemannin preaches to the evangelical services (9.30 pm Christ and 11.00 Clock Apostolic Church) this Sunday, Pastor Wahl will be preaching on Sunday at 9 in the Ewaldi church, at 10 pm in Maria Trösterin and 11.15 pm in St.Josef. This pulpit exchange takes place for the second time. Throughout Bible Weeks, school and Schützenfestgottesdienste the Prediger know each other for some time. In addition, there are mixed confessional families, so that some families often attend a Catholic or Protestant service. [...]

Family service with bibliolog at 24.3. in the apostle church

The Protestant church invites you to the family worship service at the 24.3.19. The service begins at 11 clock in the apostle church amBiemenhorster way. The service is about the subject of Jesus followings. Instead of a sermon, Pastor Christian Wahl will perform a bibliolog in place of a sermon. Bibliolog is a method of interactively interpreting biblical texts in groups, during which the entire group of participants can speak and jointly interpret a text. Musically, the service is accompanied by the community band. After the service, the church café is open again for an encounter. [...]

Pastor Ursula August advertises interreligious dialogue

Bocholt Rhede-Isselburg. In Turkey, according to Ms. August, 7, Lutheran pastor for many years lived in Istanbul, only 0,12% of German-speaking Christians in comparison to the Islamic majority society, but in daily life this is characterized by invitations to common festivals and religious events. The mayors invite you to break the fast, just as the Christian communities send Christmas cards to the Muslim and Jewish communities. This is something everyone feels. The lecture in the rooms of the apostle church was peppered with historical, vivid and authentic pictures from Turkey. The teacher's dedication to the country on the Bosporus was clearly felt. Pastor August also spoke clearly on the presidential system and Turkey's EU membership. Especially the subsequent discussion, which was characterized by openness and esteem, but also by fears and misunderstandings, showed that there is still a lot to do in Bocholt. Perhaps there were answers yesterday to the question of why more German Turks have paved the way for Erdogan into the presidential system as Turks living in Turkey. The event took place in cooperation of VHS Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg, Evangelical Apostle Church Bocholt and DitibBocholt - Turkish-Islamic Community to Bocholt eV. There will be a repeat or continuation, which will also be published in the press. (F. Boland) [...]

Apostelkirche shines in the colorful light

Parish tests new lighting technologyBocholt ?? 7. March 2019From purple over blue and yellow to red ?? Since the beginning of this week, the whole spectrum of light illuminates the Apostelkirche in Bocholt and gives the church space a new lease of life. For three weeks the congregation tests with the help of the equipment of the Ev. Youth work in the church circle Steinfurt-Coesfeld-Borkenlight moods and scenes. Gradually, a basic equipment is provided and ready for community and youth worship services. Already young people are programming the modern lighting control and are preparing for the upcoming missions. For the first time the new light technology is used on Sunday, 10. March, when the musician and pastor Uwe X. gives a concert in the Apostelkirche at 18.Not only the Bocholter community benefits from the new technology, also the Borkener community band TenSing comes on invitation of the Bocholter youth work Sandra van Westen for a rehearsal weekend in the community center. Geprobtwird for the annual concert at the 28.09. in the Remigianum Borken, an event with many show and light effects. The parish has youth counselor Thomas Flaxland, an expert in the field of lighting and sound engineering. He develops light installations in churches and stadiums with young people during action days. "Bringing faith and light together is an immediate vehicle for people," says Flachsland, "to experience this together and to discuss it together offers many opportunities and stimulates". As a circular church service, the ev.Jugendarbeit in the Westmünsterland will in the future increasingly provide on-site support with a mobile stage as well as sound and light equipment. [...]

EC and apostle church make filth

Every year, the ESB (waste disposal and service company) organizes Bocholte's waste collection campaign, attended by hundreds of children and adults, to make Bocholt cleaner and more liveable. We, the children and youth work of the Apostle Church, find the idea ingenious and want to get involved again this year. Together we want to liberate the environment of the Apostle Church from the garbage and do something good for God's creation! The ESB provides gloves and garbage bags for this purpose. The garbage collection takes place on Saturday, the 30.03.2019 from 09: 00 o'clock to about 13: 00 o'clock around the Apostelkirche. Starting point is the Community Center of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15. Against 11: 30 o'clock we will bring the garbage bags to the ESB area. In order to be able to inform the ESB about our number of participants, we ask for feedback to Sandra van Westen no later than Sunday, the 17.03.19. Parents and siblings are also welcome to join. Children under 7 years, however, only in the company of their parents / caregiver. We look forward to the joint action! Feedback to Sandra van Westen: <mailto:> orTel: 02871 / 261466 [...]

Family worship at the 24.2.

The Protestant parish Bocholt invites you to the family worship service next Sunday, 24.2., In the Apostle Church. The service starts at 11 o'clock. The theme of the service is: "Listening to you". The service, led by Pastor Wahl, is designed by staff. The service is accompanied musically by the community band. After the service, the church café is open for a cozy get-together. [...]