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Fairground tour with the JU

Next weekend, the annual Herbstkirmes in Bocholt begins ?? the biggest event highlight in Western Münsterland with more than 300 showmen. On Saturday, the 19. October, the traditional fairground tour of the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt takes place again. For this purpose, JUler from the entire district Borken meet to stroll about the fair together. Furthermore […]

Quik at the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 11. October, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. As a guest, the JU members will be able to welcome Charlotte Quik, Member of the Landtag and vice-chair of the Committee on Family, Children and Youth. Together they want to exchange views on state politics. The session begins at 19: 30 pm at the CDU [...]

Kerkhoff at the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 13. September, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. As a guest the JUler receive the designated mayoral candidate of the CDU Thomas Kerkhoff. He would like to introduce himself to the members of JU this evening and discuss with them the future development of Bocholt. The session starts at 19: 30 [...]

On a beer with Minister of the Interior Reul

On the 30. August is NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul guest in Bocholt. As part of the series of events on a beer with ???? he answers the questions of interested young people. From 19: 30 am, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt receives the Minister of the Interior at the Café tagwerk, Ravardistrasse 19, for a beer. The intake begins at 19: 00 pm ?? From fighting the [...]

JU calls for safe rave quarter concept

The Ravardiviertel is the nightlife district in Bocholt. Especially on weekends, numerous Bocholter and foreign visitors celebrate here together and peacefully. But again and again it comes to violent clashes. The Junge Union (JU) therefore calls on the city administration, a "safe Ravardiviertel concept" ?? to develop. ?? When I go to Bocholt downtown on the weekend, I want to [...]

JU demands funeral of the brewery project

From the point of view of the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt, the brewery project has died. This is clearly made clear to its chairman Lukas Behrendt. The JU now demands to develop new ideas for the property as quickly as possible. As Behrendt explains, "As District President Dorothee Feller said in May, we as the city of Bocholt can not expect to receive millions in all our major projects. She made it clear that we have to make a decision here. This has fallen with the list of priorities and for the brewery in the list no money is provided. From the beginning, the policy has made the express condition that its possible promotion of the brewery not in competition with other projects may stand. This was clear to all involved at any time. But now we know that such a competition exists. Thus, all previous resolutions are null and void. Politics has given the community foundation its chance. But the project has now died. This must be understood by all parties involved and the plans also be permanently banned. Instead, playing off the brewhouse project against the City Hall rehabilitation and requesting any funds that may be released is an absolute impudence. With any savings Bocholt would rather pay off debts or tackle important projects like the Nordring or the rehabilitation of schools. In fact, a larger venue in Bocholt is quite desirable. But a room financed by public money can not be at any price. As it is now clear, in addition to an annual operating grant of 180.000 Euro, the community foundation also needs an additional investment subsidy from the city in the tens of millions of euros. This demand rejects the Junge Union in all clear. The brewery must not become a million-dollar grave for taxpayers' money, so a clear statement is important at this time. We thank the citizen donation for their ideas and the work done. She has invested a great deal of volunteer dedication and heart and soul. But if millions of dollars of urban money are needed, then politics is responsible for weighing costs and benefits and making a decision ?? Even if it is unpleasant and the end of the brewhouse means. A clear no to urban subsidies is better than constant uncertainty. The administration and all stakeholders must therefore now think about alternatives for the property and its use. A plot of such situation may no longer lie fallow and expire. I am sure that it is very attractive for a new development by a private investor ?? without even a cent of municipal funds. ?? [...]

Free parking for volunteers in the city center

The Junge Union (JU) Bocholt has set itself the goal of further strengthening the honorary post in Bocholt. She is now demanding that holders of the honor card in Bocholt's city center be allowed to park for free. The JU of the CDU parliamentary group proposed a similar proposal. Michel Fahrland, a member of the board of the Junge Union, explains: "Many Bocholters are volunteers in various associations, counseling centers and other institutions. The voluntary engagement of these people is indispensable for the cohesion and the living together in our society, not only in emergencies, but also in our everyday lives. Therefore, it should be a concern for us, as a thank you for the extraordinary commitment to provide more perks and free offers in the context of the volunteer card, calls Fahrland. He notes: "The free use of parking lots in the city center would serve as a token of appreciation." The Junge Union and the CDU attach great importance to honoring the volunteers' commitment, "LukasBehrendt emphasizes. Chairman of the JU Bocholt and Deputy CDU Group Chairman. That's why we're requesting that the city council check how free parking for volunteer card holders can be made possible. However, it is also important to us that the traffic in the city center is not unnecessarily increased, "explains Behrendt. Similarly, a possible reference to the mobility concept should be examined by the administration. The CDU parliamentary group has accepted the request of the Junge Union in its group meeting him to the next session of the city council meeting at the 10. Bring in July. [...]

On a beer with Minister of Homeland Scharrenbach

On the 5. July is the series of events on a beer with ???? the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt in the next round. From 19: 30 am NRW-Minister of Home Affairs Scharrenbach will be a guest at the Jubocholt café tagwerk, Ravardistrasse 19.??We are very pleased to welcome the second high-ranking guest to a beer this year with Ina Scharrenbach allowed. As Minister for Homeland, Municipal, Building and Equality of North Rhine-Westphalia, she brings many exciting topics to Bocholt. During the event, we want to offer interested young people the opportunity to get to know the minister better and to discuss with her, "explains the chairman of the JU Bocholt , Lukas Behrendt. Registrations for the free discussion event take the JungeUnion until 30. June online at The series of events on a beer with ???? is aimed at interested teens until 35 years. Participation in the event with Ina Scharrenbach is therefore fundamentally not possible for 35 yearlings. [...]

Active Circle Meeting of the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 21. June, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets their next active circle meeting. The session will focus on the planning for the second half of the year, 2019. In addition, the event will be accompanied by Minister of Homeland Scharrenbach, who will be present at the 5. The meeting begins at 19: 30 pm at the CDU Citizens' Office, Salierstraße 1. All interested young people are invited. Registration is not required. [...]

Digitalisation, migration and environmental protection: JU Bocholt discusses the orientation of the CDU

At their meeting last Friday, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt welcomed the local CDU chairman, Lukas Kwiatkowski. Round 20 JUler discussed with him the outcome of the European elections and the future direction of the CDU. It became clear that the party must improve in its communication, especially in the social media. In dealing with article 13, Fridays for Future and the video of YouTubers Rezo, the CDU made a very unfortunate impression, so the unanimous opinion on this evening.? On the currently most important topics ?? Digitization, migration and environmental protection ?? Does not the CDU Germany either have the correct answers or does it communicate these wrongly? JU chairman LukasBehrendt states. Deputy Chairman Christian Stevens adds: "There is much to catch up in the area of ​​digitization in particular ?? also at ours in Bocholt. The digital equipment of schools must be first-class. Furthermore, Germany needs a nationwide and efficient mobile network. Here, the rural area may not be suspended. If there are several dead spots on the route from Bocholt to Münster, this is simply unacceptable. "When it came to migration, a step in the right direction was taken with the migration package last agreed, but Joch Bocholt is certain. Still, there is still a lot to do. "Due to the uncontrolled and disorderly immigration in the refugee crisis, there are grave abuses in our country that can not be swept under the carpet. As long as the problems in the field of migration are not resolved, there will also be a debate about migration," JU chairman said Lukas Behrendt.The CDU must regain the confidence of the voters who have migrated to the AfD in recent years and make the party with it redundant.Behrendt: "Until then, there is still a long way! ?? When it comes to environmental protection sees the Young Union Bocholt the current populism and actionism with great skepticism. JannickBehrens, Press Officer of JU Bocholt, explains: "From the very beginning, environmental protection has always been an important and present topic. Germany, and especially Bocholt, are already doing well in environmental protection. Nonetheless, things can get better in this area. The CDU and JU stand for a real-political approach that equally considers both jobs and the protection of the environment. However, it is necessary for the party to better communicate this and the many achievements we have already achieved. However, populist and actionist demands, such as those currently experienced by the Bocholt SPD, are without effect. Under no circumstances can the CDU jump on this move. Politics is judged by what it actually achieved. "The results of the European elections show that the CDU needs a strong Young Union on its side, and Lukas Kwiatkowski is more than ever after the evening for sure. ?? In Bocholt we know this well. I am glad that we have such a strong and active JU here. Already now we work together closely and trustfully and involve every interested JUler as actively as possible in the work. This clearly demonstrates that two of the four deputy CDU chairmen are members of the Junge Union. The Bocholt CDU is ahead of the Bundespartei in this area, "continues Kwiatkowski. JU Chairman Behrendt also sees it this way:" In Bocholt, with LukasKwiatkowski, we are very fortunate to have a CDU chairman who listens to the students and their concerns really serious. Incidentally, this applies to the entire Bocholt CDU. Even if we are not on every topic of an opinion, is openly and honestly discussed about the various aspects. A clear example of the openness of the CDU Bocholt is environmental protection. Here she works closely with the most diverse players, without losing sight of the economy and develops solution-oriented approaches. Because the CDU Bocholt listens to all citizens and cares. ?? [...]

JU invites you to the KuBAaI night hike

First-hand information and an exciting night walk on the KuBAaI site await the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt next Friday, the 10. May. From 21: 30 Clock, City Planning Officer Daniel Zöhler is leading the JUler through the old buildings and onto the new podium bridge. He also gives an insight into the current plans and developments. The JU Bocholt invites all interested young people to the night walk ein.Eine registration is not required. The lead starts against 21: 30 Uhram CDU-Bürgerbüro, Salierstraße 1. From 20: 30 o'clock there is also the pre-briefing, to which all interested people are invited. It is recommended to bring sturdy shoes and a flashlight. [...]

Active Circle Meeting of the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 26. April, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. The session will focus on the discussion of current political issues as well as the European election campaign. The session will begin at 19: 30 in the CDU Citizens' Office, Salierstrasse 1. All interested young people are invited. Registration is not required. [...]

Nebelo at the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 5. April, the Young Union (JU) meets Bocholt to their next active circle meeting. As a guest, the JUler will receive this evening Mayor Peter Nebelo. Together, they want to discuss the future development of Bocholt. The session begins at 19: 30 in the CDU Citizens' Office, Salierstrasse 1. All interested young people are invited. Registration is not required. [...]

On a beer with Minister of Health Spahn in Filetgran

Next Friday, the 22. March, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn is a guest at the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt. The JU invited all interested young people to a discussion event with the Minister. In order to enable as many interested parties as possible to participate, the event will now take place in the restaurant filetgran, Casinowall 19.??The registration figures clearly exceeded our previous capacities. Therefore, we are very happy to have found a larger venue at short notice. So we can a significantly larger number of interested parties to participate in our event with Jens Spahneröö, ?? explains JU Chairman Lukas Behrendt. The event? On a beer with Health Minister Spahn ?? starts at 20 at the restaurant filetgran, Casinowall 19. The inlet starts at 19: 30 o'clock. Since the participant seats are completely assigned to the discussion event, registration and participation is no longer possible. [...]

Two Bocholters in the JU district board

The Junge Union (JU) Bocholt will be represented in the future with two members on the board of Junge Union Münsterland. Last Saturday, the board was re-elected by the district delegates meeting in Gronau. The chairman of JU Bocholt, Lukas Behrendt, also elected the delegates to the new board, such as Jannick Behrens. Thus, the Junge UnionBocholt is represented for the first time with two elected members in the district executive committee. As chairman of the JU Münsterland the delegates confirmed. Michael Dust from Gronau with a convincing result from 92,6Prozent.??The JU-district board has worked very successfully in the past two years under the leadership of Michael Dust. We will continue to work towards ensuring that the Junge Union Münsterland remains so successful. We are especially pleased that for the first time two Bocholt JUler were elected to the district board. This shows the esteem enjoyed by the JungeUnion Bocholt in the Borken district as well as in the entire Münsterland and is proof of the good work of the local JU, "explain Lukas Behrendt and Janick Behrens. [...]