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Christmas services in the parish of Liebfrauen

Warm invitation to the celebration of Christmas services! For BIG and small ... There is something for everyone. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas celebration Christmas Eve 15:00 p.m. St. Helena Church Nativity Scene for children 15:00 p.m. Liebfrauenkirche Family Godi with Nativity Scene 15:30 p.m. St. Cross Church Nativity Scene for children 16:30 p.m. St. Paul Church Mass celebration with wind ensemble 16:30 p.m. St. Martin crib celebration for children […]

When Stones Tell - Anecdotes and Stories to the Sacred Heart Church

Warm invitation to the narrative cafe on Sunday 1. Sept. at 16: 00 pm in the Heart of Jesus Church. People from the parish tell of their stories of how the milkman's bell came to church, what Storck's giants have to do with church construction, or why the organ is so fake. Afterwards it is possible to have a chat over coffee and drinks. First published on [...]

Liebfrauen auf Ameland - "The year in 14 days"

Already a week ago, the participants arrived with the support team on Ameland and have moved into their accommodation. But time flies by. Because the motto "The year in 14 days" holds a new highlight every day. From Santa Claus to Christmas holiday and shooting festival. Time flies like in flight. By the way, today is Carnival! First appeared on [...]

Welcome, Kirsten Böing!

On the 1. Kirsten Böing begins training as a Pastoral Referee in our parish. Ms. Böing lives in Rhede and has worked as a kindergarten teacher so far. In addition, she is active in the parish of St. Gudula honorary. Her assistantship will last four years and includes, among other things, the theological distance learning, community practice, study weeks in Münster and training as a religious teacher. Pastoral Officer Klaus Brücks will accompany the training as a mentor. In the first few weeks, she will make first contacts and get to know the congregation a little. After the holidays, she will be in the church services at the 31.8./1.9. We would like to welcome Ms. Böing to Liebfrauen and wish her a good start! First published on [...]

Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi

Under this motto, many Christians of the three Bocholt parishes of St. George, St. Joseph and Liebfrauen met in the market square in front of the historic town hall on Thursday morning to celebrate the Corpus Christi feast together. Communion children, ministers of all three parishes, flags and banners of various associations and associations, the singers of the church choirs and a brass section contributed to the solemn mood of the service. Afterwards, the Corpus Christi procession took place. She led the worship service through the Neustraße, Casinowall, Schanze, Brückenstraße, St. Georg-Platz to the St. Georg Church, where the Eucharistic Blessing was finally concluded. After that everyone was invited to celebrate with each other. At snack, drinks and live music of the duo "Django Flint", many visitors took the opportunity to meet and talk. First appeared on [...]

Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi

This year, we, the faithful of the three Catholic parishes in Bocholt, celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. We come together, thank and ask God for the welfare and good coexistence of all people in our city. We show that as believers, we care about life and fellowship in all areas of our city. That brings us together in the central square. The Holy Mass begins at 10: 00 on the market square in front of the historic town hall. Following the service, we move with Christ in St. Sacrament through the Neustraße, Casinowall, Schanze, Brückenstraße, St. Georg Square to St. George's Church, where the blessing is concluded. Worship and procession are musically co-designed by choirs of the three parishes. Then all are invited to meet at drinks and snacks and music program on stage, it plays the duo "Django Flint". - A warm invitation to join in! First published on [...]

Maria 2.0 - Against the Abuse and Exclusion of Women in Our Church

Under the motto: "Maria 2.0" an unusual action of Catholics of the parish Holy Cross in Münster, against the handling of abuse and the exclusion of women in our church. In February, women and men of the action group Maria 2.0 have an open Letter written to Pope Francis. In the letter they complain - "the many known and unknown cases of abuse and injury of any kind in the Roman Church - their cover-up and obfuscation by public officials - the lack of credible apologies and genuine help to those who have been subjected to violence" Quoted from the open Letter to Pope Francis.We as kfd Liebfrauen and kfd St. Paul expressly support the action of women and men from the parish of Holy Cross Minster and would like to advertise in the upcoming action week of Saturday 11. until Saturday 18. May actively participate - for example, in the week as a sign of solidarity in the week to wear a white scarf or a white cloth if necessary, to enter any church or leave as a woman any volunteer rest. The Pfarreirat Liebfrauen has at its meeting at 29 , April 2019 dealt with the subject and expressly supports the action. Huge invitation to participate in the petition: published on [...]

The defense speech of Judas in St. Paul's Church

The author Walter Jens has dedicated a surprising, eloquent defense speech to the supposed traitor: Judas appears, speaking in person to the audience. Sebastian Aperdannier, who has included the piece in his repertoire for some years, played the person of Judas authentically and profoundly. In the person of Judas, he urged the audience that he acted in agreement with Jesus and took on a role assigned to him. Is not it due to him that the divine plan came true? Are not Jesus the Savior and Judas the Betrayer inseparable? Is it up to us to judge Judas? Judas challenges, captivates and shakes certainties. A performance that got under the skin and left the audience quite impressed and thoughtful. If you have not yet tuned into the holy week and what we Christians are celebrating and celebrating, after this performance you are in it. First published on [...]

Auxiliary Bishop Hegge signs 63 teenagers and adults

After the welcome by Pastor van Straelen and Tim Horn for the Firmanden, Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Hegge on Saturday afternoon in the Liebfrauenkirche the celebration of Confirmation. In the crowded Liebfrauenkirche, he reminded in the sermon that Jesus Christ is always on our side. With regard to the close Easter, he said: "You can crucify a man, but you can not crucify love!". He then gave 59 adolescents and 4 adults the Sacrament of Confirmation. In each case a catechist held the jar with the Chrisam. The choir "ergo cantemus!" Under the direction of Philipp Hövelmann designed this service musically. Before the blessing, the chairman of the parish council Jutta Rademacher congratulated all newly established in the name of the entire parish. We would like to congratulate ourselves on these congratulations and, in addition, cordially thank Sr. Ulrike Holfeld, Roland Hüning, Birgit Kumpmann, Maria Teriete, Brigitte Vorell, Hannah Wevers and Hermann Wolsing, who together with Kaplan Lukas Hermes and Pastoral Referee Klaus Brücks have created the catechetical. First appeared on [...]

Memorial day of the destruction of the city of Bocholt on the 22. March 1945

On the 22. March 1945 was the heaviest bombing raid on Bocholt. Within just a few minutes (between 14: 10 watch and 14: 35 watch), some 600 British airmen dropped around 2000 air mines and explosive bombs on Bocholt. We want on Friday, 22. March, especially remember this terrible time and will ring in memory of the heaviest bell of the Church of Our Lady and invite you to pray for peace. At St. George's Church, 14: 00 clock is a prayer of peace. We also commemorate Bocholt's bombing in the services of 8.30 at St. Paul's Church and at 18.30 in the Sacred Heart Church, praying especially for the "peace in the world" / article / article_view .php? id = 5711 [...]

The Cross - Actual parish letter on Lent and Easter published

The current parish letter for Lent and Easter has been published. The Public Relations Committee has again found an interesting topic: Cross. The cross is thematized in various articles. From the new cross of light in the St. Agnes chapel on the Schonenberg, over the KAB cross at the Liebfrauenkirche to the gifts for first communion children and company members. In the next few days, the new parish priest will bring the parish letters into the houses. Many thanks to the many volunteers who have agreed to the distribution and thus the distribution have made possible. Those who do not live in our parish area have the opportunity to read the parish letter online here or take it on paper in our churches on the weekend. And now have fun reading. Photo KAB cross: Peter Lückel, Cover photo: Jan-Bernd pfarrbrief-2019-1.pdf [...]

Small storm damage at the church tower of the Herz Jesu church

The storm that swept through Bocholt on Saturday evening caused copper caps to be removed from the tower of the Sacred Heart Church and these fell on the church square. For safety reasons, the fire department has locked the place. The visitors of the fair at 18: 15 o'clock but could reach the church via detours and were not prevented from celebrating the service. [...]

Family fair "Lead us out of temptation"

Who does not know that? - You know it's wrong, what you're going to do now and do it anyway. This was already known to the biblical people. Today the invitation to start again ... Musically, the service of the Children's Choir of the Heart of Jesus is formed. Event informationSaturday | 09.March 201917: 00 - 18: 00 UhrSt-Helena-Kirche, BarloBarloer Ringstraße, 46397 [...]

Performance "The Defense Speech of Judas"

He is the evil par excellence. He is greedy, avaricious and betrays his master for ridiculous 30 pieces of silver for exactly these reasons. He accepts that the treachery initiates a process that kills a human being at the end. We are talking about Judas the Betrayer, who has been committed to this role for more than 2000 years. In his play "The Defense Speech Judas ", the author Walter Jens shows us another disciple. Jens starts from the premise that the biblical treachery was denied in order to start the process of death and resurrection in the first place. Consequently, we are shown in this play, a human, doubting Judas, who breaks the burden of his role and confronted each spectator with the question of guilt and innocence. It plays Sebastian Aperdannier from Münster. Admission is free to a voluntary donation for the Matumaini Center Iringa / Tanzania is requested.Donnerstag | 11.April 201919: 30 - 21: 00 Clock St. Paul ChurchBreslauer Str. 24, 46397 [...]