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Carnival of the LaPaBo - this year at the Pharaoh

* "Carnival of the LaPaBo - this year at the Pharaoh" *. Under this motto the Lachparade Bokelt-Ost - LaPaBo - celebrates this year's Carnival-Session and invites all friends of the Bocholter Carnival to join in the celebration. It goes on Saturday, the * 23. February*. * * 19: 11 clock * starts the * big party session *. In addition to the dance guards of the association, the BocholterOriginal "Ohme and Bennätzken" or the Rover Pipers provide in this year, among others Herta alias Angelika Gausmann or ToontjeOngeregeld from Winterswijk for an exuberant mood and eintolles, varied, but especially entertaining stage program This evening, the carnival celebration, dance and best party music with the First Solution team will not be over. Tickets for this evening event are now available at the price of 15, - Euro in advance at <mailto: lara.> or at the box office. * MITMACH carnival for the children * The children's carnival will be back this year in the BocholterOsten. The LaPaBo would like to animate again this year the smallest fools to participate. On * 24. February * Invites the Laughing Parade to all new-season carnivalists * 14: 30 pm * for their * children's MITMACH carnival *. As the name suggests, the youngest will spend the afternoon dancing, playing, having fun, laughing and experiencing some surprises. Only boredom - as the responsible persons promise - will not be there. The tickets for the * Kinder-MITMACH-Carnival * are available at the box office at the price of only 4, - Euro. The children will also receive a free drink in this price. The * Party Session and the Children's Carnival * will take place in the Hotel-Restaurant * "Am Erzengel" *. * Car Show in the INTAKT Dance & Event Center * In addition, the LaPaBo invites you to its * Car Show on Sunday , the 3. March *. Also on this day, the Carnival Club from the Bocholter Osten * offers a colorful, varied stage program with great performances by the club's own and well-known dancegarden and stage performers starting at 11: 11 *. And since the LaPaBo would like to party extensively with their guests in any weather, the brunch will also * this year in and amINTAKT Tanz & Eventcenter at Westendkreisel *. In addition to exuberant mood of course, the physical well-being is taken care of. [...]