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Start of Segelflug AG

When they registered for Segelflug AG, the pupils of the Bocholt comprehensive school would probably not have thought that they would make their first start in a glider with a face mask. But although the schools are not yet open again, they were able to start with a limited number of participants last weekend. The first four pilot pilots were able to […]

End of the gliding season 2019

Since last weekend we are Bocholter gliders no longer at the airfield, but in our workshop in the clubhouse on the Wachtelschlag to find. We have already loaded the aircraft into the trailer and transported it to Bocholt, followed by extensive grilling for the start of the winter season. There are only a few, minor repairs, which does not mean that [...]

Gliding season 2019 started

After an 5 month winter break, we were able to visit the 6. April into the sailing season 2019 start. At the beginning of each season, all ready-made pilots and freed flight students are given start-ups with a flight instructor. These could be completed quickly and without problems, so that the training of the still double-seated flying students was resumed. Even if the weather was still a bit cloudy, everyone was looking forward to an exciting and instructive 2019 flying season. As in previous years, completing a one-month trial membership at <> is possible at any time during the season possible. Read articles on the club website: [...]

Annual General Meeting 2019

A few weeks before the start of the 2019 season, the 2019 annual general meeting was held. Little changed in the occupancy of the club offices, but it turned out that the past flight season (2018) both aviation and otherwise was very successful. Through the club's growth, thermally best weather, cooperations - for example, with the boys Uni - as well as various airfields and competitions could be flown almost twice as much as in the 2017er Saison.During the club work in winter, among other things, some aircraft instrumental were upgraded and the winch overtaken, about In addition, great progress has been made on longer-term projects such as the Maierworbenen Bruch. This year's glider pilot season starts at the end of March. [...]