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Explosions in Beirut: THW sends SEEBA to Lebanon

Bocholt / Beirut; After serious explosions in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, the Technical Relief Agency (THW) dispatched its first forces last night. On behalf of the federal government, a team from the Rapid Deployment Unit Salvage Abroad (SEEBA) and an embassy support team left for Lebanon. THW Vice President Sabine Lackner said goodbye to the 50 emergency services at Frankfurt Airport: "On site, our [...]

New Year's reception at THW Bocholt

Bocholt 18.01.2020/2019/XNUMX, On Saturday the technical aid organization Bocholt / Borken looked back at a successful year XNUMX at its New Year's reception and gave an outlook on the coming year. At the same time, the local association introduced guests from politics and comrades from other civil protection agencies to the new specialist group on emergency repair and emergency care (specialist group N).

Management and coordination staff training in the THW local association Bocholt / Borken

Who actually cares about supply and logistics in case of emergency? How are THW units sent into the mission? What if supra-regional THW units are needed? To answer these and other questions, the staff members of our local association (OV) and THW OV Dinslaken, THW OV Geldern, THW OV Kleve, THW OV Moers and THW OV Wesel have a training course this weekend participated in leadership and coordination. [...]

Institute for Didactics of Chemistry honored as an honorary employer

Düsseldorf - Voluntary work characterizes the technical aid organization. On the one hand, this includes the commitment of the helpers, and on the other, the understanding and support of the family and the employer. The THW Ortsverband Bocholt / Borken is very proud to have such great understanding and support from the families and employers of the helpers. Last Wednesday, the employer of our local representative, Jan-Bernd Haas, the Institute for Didactics of Chemistry at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster by the THW-Landesbeauftragten for North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. med. Hans-Ingo Schliewinski, excellent. The support that our local representative receives from his employer enables him to carry out his duties in this way. Also the entire THW local association Bocholt / Borken says THANK YOU. [...]

Safety in view - MdB meets THW

#mdbtrifftthw Berlin, 24.09.2019 - Members of the Bundestag Ulla Schulte, Johannes Röring and Karlheinz Busen met with our local representative, Jan-Bernd Haas, in the action tent of the Technical Relief Organization or on the edge. All Members expressed their appreciation for the volunteer work of our helpers. Of course, we are happy to pass on these. The deputies informed themselves about [...]

The German Federal Agency for Technical Relief introduces its new youth workers.

The Technical Relief Organization is proud to announce two very dedicated and highly motivated volunteers as successors to the youth workers, Florian Dreyer and David Rumswinkel. Alexander Frieg and Julian Eicker will direct the fortunes of the youth group. Both are assistants of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief for many years to gain their first THW experiences in the youth group. They have already taken on both responsibilities in the youth group and will now be in charge of the work. Alexander Frieg and Julian Eicker are qualified youth leaders and are looking forward to working with the currently 35 youth of the Bocholter THW Youth Group. Do you have any questions about the THW? Youth Bocholt. Then write us an E-Mail: [...]

THW Youth Bocholt meets his friends from Iceland

VBocholt 16.07.2019 - 26.07.2019 In the first two summer vacation weeks, the youth group of the local chapter Bocholt / Borken got visitors from the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR). Between the friendly youth groups of the German and Icelandic civil protection organizations already since 2016 the exchange program statt.Schon for the third time visited the young people of the local group Björgunarsveitin Ársæll and the local association Bocholt / Borken mutually. Since the first meeting in the year 2016 in Bocholt, there has been an annual change, with a one-year break, in Iceland and Germany. This year, for ten young people and three supervisors of the ICE-SAR to Germany. Gelandet in the Netherlands, the exchange youth group was picked up from the airport in Amsterdam Schiphol and driven to Bocholt. At the accommodation they were already expected by a part of the THW youth group. The young volunteers had previously prepared everything for the arrival of the Icelanders: Cots were built, the classrooms converted into sleeping quarters, but also the tables for food had to be set up and the vehicles were issued to the yard. After the reception of the Icelanders - of course, with horn concert and blue light - and the unloading of luggage went right on: For dinner, the young people made their way to the restaurant winter garden by bike. Freshly strengthened was then explored with the night watchman Bocholt downtown and its history in the year 1665.Auch the next day, the young people got to see more parts of Bocholt. In a city rally, they answered questions about the various stations, such as the hydrodynamic screw or the town hall and did together various team tasks. In the afternoon, the Icelandic guests were greeted by Elisabeth Kroesen, the first deputy mayor of Bocholt, in the new town hall. The young people then cooked together in the Albert-Schweizer Realschule. On the third day of the exchange, not only a visit to the Borken climbing forest was on the program, but also a joint training service. The young helpers learned how to rescue a person from a debris field and how to properly deflate an injured person using a ladder lever and a grinding basket. At the various stations they were accompanied by a camera crew of the program KIKA LIVE, which made a contribution about the youth group and their exchange. So that the Icelanders could not only get to know Bocholt during their visit to Germany, the exchange with the annual Youth travel connected. And so the young people set off for Hamburg for the weekend the next day. In the city, the young people undertook some exciting activities: The program included visits to Northern Helicopters, at the National Police Hamburg and a ferry trip across the Elbe. On the way back to Bocholt, the youth groups also stopped in Gelsenkirchen, showed the professional fire brigade and visited the Zoom Erlebniswelt. The youngsters also spent a day in Cologne, where they had the opportunity to discover the city in small groups on their own. Back in Bocholt on the penultimate day, the various specialist groups, their vehicles and the equipment of the Technical Train were presented. In the afternoon everyone was able to cool down in the self-built pool and end the day together. In the evening, the young helpers were given small gifts as a thank you for their hospitality. On Friday morning, it was then say goodbye to each other after ten exciting days. While the Icelandic guests were being driven back to the airport, the youth helpers of the THW cleared the local chapter, dismantled the camp beds and cleaned the vehicles. [...]

THW Youth at the International Children's and Youth Festival

Bocholt 02.05.2019, At this year's International Children's and Family Festival, our youth group was one of the many clubs that presented themselves to the guests. At the weaving workshop of the TextilWerk, the young people presented the technical aid organization and their work. Curious people had the opportunity to look at the equipment of the lighting section (FGr Bel). For this purpose, the team wagon (MLW 3) with the lighting equipment, as well as the light tower trailer (LiMa) were on site.But not only the vehicles attracted interested, even the hydraulic spreader inspired many children. With the help of the youth of the youth group even the smallest visitors could try out the tool. For this they got the task to transport a small ball from one pylon to the other with the help of the hydraulic spreader and to put the ball on its top again. In the meantime the parents were able to get information about the contents of the youth work at the information stands and Helpers and helpers come into conversation. In addition, THW-blue popcorn was given away to the guests. The young people also supported the organizers in the performance of the duck race on the Aa. They were responsible with the dinghy on the Aa for collecting ducks. [...]

Train breathing apparatus wearer

On 06.04.2019 and 07.04.2019 had the local Bocholt / Borken of the Technical Relief Agency the possibility of the fire department Bocholt trained to train his respirator wearer in a training track on the site of the fire department Bocholt. The Technical Relief Agency requires that his respirator wearer at least once a year at a have to attend such a load exercise. This is a small part of the qualified training of our helpers, in order to be available for civil protection. We thank the fire brigade Bocholt for the good cooperation. [...]

Starting signal for a new management team

Bocholt, 16.03.2019 The local association Bocholt presented its new management team last Saturday. For this purpose, the local association people from politics, civil and civil protection as well as friends and supporters in the Skylounge invited. Before the event, the guests in the courtyard of TextilWERKs were able to admire the vehicles and equipment of the local association and get a picture of the state of the local association At the beginning of the event, the new local representative Jan-Bernd Haas welcomed the guests and thanked them for the numerous appearance. Mrs. Kroesen spoke as the deputy mayor of the city of Bocholt and thanked the helpers of the entire local association for their volunteer work. The THW State Representative for North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. med. Hans-Ingo Schliwienski, expressly thanked the three executives and the helpers of the local chapter. Hans-Ingo Schliwienski then officially appointed Jan-Bernd Haas and Eike Matschke to their position as local representative and deputy local representative. Following the acknowledgments, Jan-Bernd Haas, together with his deputy, Eike Matschke, and Jeremy Schiewer, the local commander, to the guests. Together, they explained to the guests what goals they are pursuing. An important element in the work of the coming term is the restructuring of the THW with the framework concept. In this context, the local chapter should get the new section "N". The second important task is to promote the recognition and appreciation of the volunteers' volunteer work. According to the new management team, this is probably one of the most important tasks to motivate the helpers and bind them to the THW.Bei small snacks and drinks offered the opportunity for all guests to have some interesting conversations and close the reception After the official part in the Sky Lounge, the helpers of the local chapter have gathered in the renovated accommodation. In this context, some honors were carried out.So Lutz Böning was honored for his 40-year membership and Julius Breser with the decoration of the THW-Jugend NRW in bronze. The highlight of the honors was the handover of the gold helper to Florian Dreyer. Jan-Bernd Haas explained to the attendees that Florian earned the helper's mark because of his extraordinary and years of commitment in the youth work of the local association Bocholt. After the honors the helpers could end the day comfortably. [...]

Honor to whom honor is due

The THW local association Bocholt honors helper for long-term membership and foreign assignment. In the context of the closed meeting of the leaders of the local association Bocholt / Borken of the technical welfare organization three helpers for long-term membership and a foreign assignment were honored. The head of the regional office, Mike Nienhaus, also traveled to the ceremony and presented the certificates. Josef Olbing was selected for his work and achievements as part of an exercise in the Rapid Deployment Unit Rescue Abroad (SEEBA) - a foreign unit of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief - honored in Switzerland. In this exercise, the SEEBA was tested for its capabilities and reviewed by observers from Switzerland and France for international criteria and standards for rescue teams. Josef Olbing has received the THA service call abroad. Andre Bertram was honored for his 30 membership in the THW local association Bocholt / Borken. He has joined the THW with 14 years and has already taken over a number of leadership positions such as squad leaders, squad leaders and train drivers in the technical train, was active in various foreign assignments for the Technical Relief Agency and is currently Schirrmeister of the local association.Höhepunkt the honors was at the 40 -Year affiliation of Erik Dreyer. The training officer has already joined THW Bocholt with 12 years. In his THW career, he has filled many stations in the technical train as group and platoon leaders. Erik Dreyer is also active in the foreign unit and took part in various foreign assignments. Currently Erik Dreyer is a training officer and consultant of the local association Bocholt / Borken.Wir congratulate all the honorees and wish you all the best for the future and a lot of fun in our local chapter. [...]