Authorities coordinate after test campaigns in Dutch slaughterhouses

Authorities coordinate after test campaigns in Dutch slaughterhouses
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Borken district. Before the Pentecost weekend, the districts of Borken and Kleve agreed with the authorities responsible on the Dutch side about a common strategy for the further procedure regarding the quarantine measures of the slaughterhouse employees. The head of the district administration, district administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker, District Director Dr. Ansgar Hörster and Head of Regulatory Affairs Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow, took part in a video conference on Friday (May 29.05.2020, XNUMX) with representatives of the neighboring regions. The reason for this was the large-scale tests for the corona virus in Dutch slaughterhouses that had taken place in the past few weeks and the placement of many employees on this side of the border. All parties confirmed that good cooperation is important to ensure that further infections are prevented.
In order to be able to act comprehensively and quickly across borders, the security region and the health department Noord-en Oost-Gelderland, the municipality of Oost Gelre together with the Borken district and the Kleve district form an international team at the operational level. In a first step, the personnel service provider Horizon Groep from Velp, who employs many people at the slaughterhouse in Groenlo, was asked to submit their complete lists of all employees with addresses at short notice. Otherwise there is a risk of being fined.
In addition, the presidency of the security region obliged the Horizon Groep to comply with current hygiene regulations when transporting all of its employees and to ensure that the migrant workers concerned, whether they live on the Dutch or German side, can keep their quarantine in acceptable circumstances.
Another cross-border video conference is planned for the week after Pentecost.

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