When looking for professionals: "New media, new opportunities"

When looking for professionals: "New media, new opportunities"

Skills shortage becomes a threatening problem for many companies. Orders remain lying. Customers need to be put off. That creates frustration on both sides. All the more important is the topic of employee recruitment. "Companies have been very focused on process and profit optimization in the past. Today, you have to focus on your team, and that is difficult for many, especially small and medium-sized companies, "explains Bocholter Business Consultant Stefan Geukes

Added to this is a mostly timid use of new media and possibilities. But it works differently. "For example, we have very good experiences with the Job portal from Made made in Bocholt. After print adverts did not resonate, we were thrilled to see how many good online applications have been received within a very short time. From now on this is an integral part of our personnel recruitment, "reports Simone Zingel, board member of the Executive Board Caritas Association for the Deanery Bocholt eV

Professionals trust professionals

According to Stefan Geukes, the right content is very important. "In job advertisements only the bare essentials are included and above all no wischiwaschi. You have to be appealing. Above all, publications reach the target group only where they read it. That's why the Internet, social networks and even events are among the most important acquisition instruments, "says Bocholter. 

The winner is those who let their own employees speak for themselves. Quotes from the workforce are often more credible than glossy company presentations. “A professional employee or career page in the online presence also attracts skilled workers magnetically, as applicants first inquire on the Internet and read there what is written about the company. Only then do many people decide whether to apply there at all. A website with realistic comments from employees is worth gold, ”recommends Geukes.

The application process itself should also be possible online and accessible. “Potential candidates often act quickly and spontaneously. Therefore, contact with the company via email or cell phone call should be just a click away. It is therefore important to prepare job offers in a way that is suitable for smartphones, ”adds Berthold Blesenkemper from Made in Bocholt. He created for it in the new Job portal so-called landing pages, which are loaded quickly and thus guarantee a lower bounce rate. Often a simple initial contact is sufficient. Everything else could be discussed and agreed with the applicants later.

Note: Made in Bocholt will in the coming weeks as part of a series intensively deal with the issue of employee and skilled workers.

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