Charity concert "Pop & Gospel" on 23.11.

On the 23. November 2019 invite "GOSPELMoments", the gospel choir of
Parish, and "Timeless", the women's choir of Fabi under the direction of
Anna Maats, to 18 watch together for a charity concert in the apostle church
at Biemenhorster Weg. Both choirs present a colorful cross section
from her repertoire with modern, fast songs and soulful ballads.
An evening worth it! Admission is free, but it will be one
generous donation for the campaign "Wünschewagen - dare desires"
asked. Give happiness and joy to people in their last phase of life -
that's the mission of the ASB dipping car. Since 2014 fulfilled that purely
honorary funded and funded exclusively by donations project
the most seriously ill people a special heart's desire and drives them
together with their families and friends once again to their favorite place

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