Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi

Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi
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This year, we, the faithful of the three Catholic parishes in Bocholt, celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. We come together, thank and ask God for the welfare and good coexistence of all people in our city. We show that as believers, we care about life and fellowship in all areas of our city.
We come together at the central square. The Holy Mass begins at 10: 00 on the market square in front of the historic town hall. Following the service, we move with Christ in St. Sacrament through the Neustraße, Casinowall, Schanze, Brückenstraße, St. Georg Square to St. George's Church, where the blessing is concluded. Worship and procession are musically co-designed by choirs of the three parishes.

Afterwards everyone is invited to meet with drinks and snacks and music program on stage, the duo plays "Django Flint". - Warm invitation to join in!

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