Bocholt voucher system starts on July 30th

Bocholt voucher system starts on July 30th
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From July 30, Bocholt residents can buy discounted vouchers for five million euros. They are intended to boost the business of dealers, restaurateurs, service providers and solo self-employed. The city supports the system with one million euros from the municipal fund. In this way, vouchers can be issued to customers at a 20 percent discount. The companies where the coupons are redeemed are to contribute a further 5 percent. Redemption per person is limited to a value of 200 euros.

Interested companies wishing to take part can register now with city marketing. You must meet the following conditions:

· Are a member of one of the inner city advertising associations, a street community, a real estate and location community, the DEHOGA / Bocholt branch, the Borken district handicraft company with its headquarters in Bocholt or

· Are economically and therefore permanently active on the market as a company or as a freelancer or self-employed and

· Are active in the branches of retail, catering, hotel industry, service providers, tourism / event branch, culture and handicraft, fairground trade (except food markets and hardware stores) and

· Who participate in the voucher grant with 5% and who have their headquarters in Bocholt and

· Are registered with a German tax office and

Who already offered their goods or services on the market before December 31, 2019.

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