Bocholt racing pigeon goes "viral full steep"

Bocholt racing pigeon goes "viral full steep"


Bocholt becomes famous. Not because of football. Especially not because of the most beautiful Christmas market in the world. A small gray bird has made the city into the headlines. In Germany, newspapers and magazines have been reporting for days about the "racing pigeon", which was flashed by the city radar with a staggering 45 km / h in an 30er zone and does not pay the 25 Euro penalty because it does not have the stolen notice for understandable reasons can be. We also reported about it.

Since then, the story is virally steep, as the Bild newspaper knows. In the Press Office of Bocholt City Hall you should not be able to save yourself from inquiries from the editorial offices at the moment, it goes on. The race pigeon also receives international attention. They are already known in Austria. In Switzerland, she is just starting her triumph.

City marketing is already thinking about renaming Bocholt "Taubenstadt". Motto: Well-flashed is half won. According to rumors, the administration is to upgrade its radar wagons with night vision cameras and to wait for 18 clock in traffic-calmed zones animals. With allowed walking speed it would have to go to the devil, if there is not one or the other racing hedgehogs in the trap, right? The readers literally lurk for something like that.

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