Citizens' application for the Nordring: Social list wants citizen vote by council decision

Citizens' application for the Nordring: Social list wants citizen vote by council decision
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Nordring: Social list wants citizens vote by council decision

Last year, the Bochum Socialist Voting Community in the East District Committee had spoken out in favor of citizen participation in the planned Nordring. Today, the voting community is asking for a citizens 'decision by means of a citizens' application.

In the application to Mayor Peter Nebelo, the council should decide that, in order to clarify the political will of the Bocholt citizens, the council would implement a citizens' decision on the basis of section 26 (1) sentence 2 of the NRW municipal code. For the vote, the question should be: "Are you in favor of the Nordring planned by the city of Bocholt not being built?" In addition, the administration should be commissioned to prepare the necessary measures for the implementation of the vote immediately.

"In a project of this importance, a council decision is urgently needed and a contribution to direct democracy," emphasized Councilor Bärbel Sauer, explaining: "The planned Nordring concerns everyone. It can rightly be expected that the citizens themselves will decide on this important issue. After all, it's about Bocholt's future, especially the question, do we want to invest millions of dollars in tax dollars in additional roads or do we better use the money to relieve the traffic situation to expand public transport and other alternatives? Another very important fact is that the planned construction of the north ring would destroy nature and the landscape, which could not be balanced at any point. ”

Torsten Wollberg (spokesman for environmental policy) added: “This would also be irresponsible, especially in view of climate change. In addition, it can be expected that there will be more traffic due to the planned north ring, but the level of noise and pollutants would also increase significantly. There are ancient oaks on the planned route, rare animal species live - for the most part everything is natural. Add to that the high construction costs of several million and the enormous consumption of scarce space. "

Regarding the proposal itself, Rainer Sauer (Chairman) declares that for years not only citizens have been able to initiate a referendum, but the councils can also decide to hold such a vote with a two-thirds majority. "The Council should give the green light for this and make a contribution to real public participation," appeals Sauer.

There is also a photo of the signature campaign for the electrification of the regional train "Der Bocholter" in the appendix. In the picture on the left you can see Bärbel Sauer, the second from the right Torsten Wollberg.


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