Mayor must ensure better working conditions for Ewibo employees

Mayor must ensure better working conditions for Ewibo employees

Social list: Mayor must ensure better working conditions for Ewibo employees

If it were up to the Bocholt Socialist Voters' Community, Ewibo would no longer be able to get public contracts, "as long as it demands employees employment contracts and working conditions that are beyond good and bad."

The background: In the new year, the employees received change contracts. These are available individually to the electorate. Accordingly, not only sideline activities have to be approved,
but also volunteer work. Vacation is only 20 days a year. The additional holiday of another 8 days expires if it could not be taken by the end of the year. In addition to the agreed weekly working hours, employees must also be willing to work if necessary. Overtime is initially accumulated in an overtime account. There are no supplements for overtime. Paying one
Special payments - such as vacation bonuses and Christmas bonuses - can be revoked at any time. Employees also only receive the statutory minimum wage of currently 9.35 euros.

A giant banner for the “Week of Poverty” with the inscription “Poor despite work ?!” hangs above the Ewibo branch on Industriestrasse. "But exactly such employment relationships are not enough to live at the back and front and lead to poverty pensions in old age," emphasizes Rainer Sauer (Chairman). Mayor Peter Nebelo is responsible for the situation at Ewibo. After all, he is the chairman of the supervisory board of Ewibo - a 100 percent subsidiary of the city of Bocholt.

For years, the Social List has used council inquiries and citizen applications to indicate that wage conditions and other regulations for employees at Ewibo are not in line with the tariff. The public service collective agreement (TVöD) applies to the city's employees, while Ewibo does not apply to any collective agreement. Agreements are regulated there in individual contracts - to the detriment of the employees.

So far, the supervisory board and management saw no need to apply TVöD to Ewibo employees or to conclude a collective agreement for this purpose. A corresponding citizens' request on the Social List was rejected in November by the members of the council groups in the Committee on Suggestions and Complaints. Nevertheless, it was promised that Mayor Peter Nebelo would bring this topic into the Supervisory Board. Instead, there was now a new edition with old (or even worse?) Contract content.

Rainer Sauer had noted in November in the committee that it was an absurdity to withhold Ewibo's employees from the collective agreement. After all, the city of Bocholt and its city daughters, including Ewibo, have a role model function. Finally, Ewibo and its companies, facilities and associations receive public contracts that are financed by taxpayers' money. Rainer Sauer literally: "Anyone who taps public contracts must also apply a collective agreement."

"It is now important whether Peter Nebelo, as partner and chairman of the Ewibo supervisory board, advocates that Ewibo employees are no longer disadvantaged and that the collective agreement that applies to employees at the city of Bocholt is then applied. It must finally end with cheap tariffs at Ewibo, its companies and associations, ”demands the electorate.

At the council meeting on February 19, the social list expects the mayor to give a clear answer as to whether he wants to maintain proper employment relationships at Ewibo or whether he wants to treat employees there longer as second-class workers.

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