CDU applies for Safe-Ravardiviertel concept

CDU applies for Safe-Ravardiviertel concept
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The city administration should create a security concept for the Ravardi district in cooperation with all those involved. That is what the CDU parliamentary group is asking for in the upcoming Council meeting at the 18. December. It follows the proposal of the Junge Union (JU) to strengthen the security in Bocholt's Ausmeileile with a safe Ravardiviertel concept.

JU chairman Lukas Behrendt said: "We are pleased that the CDU faction has accepted the JU proposal and has requested a Safer Ravardiviertel approach. Because the Ravardiviertel is the Ausmeileile in Bocholt. Especially on weekends, numerous Bocholter and foreign visitors celebrate here together and peacefully. In particular, the safety of the entire Ravardi district plays a special role in positive branding. The guests want to celebrate with a feeling of security. By contrast, violent conflicts such as those that have occurred in the past contribute to feelings of insecurity in the population. "

The CDU and the JU are therefore of the opinion that a security concept is sensible and necessary, especially for a nightlife district like the Ravardiviertel. "We therefore request that the administration develop a concept that can strengthen security in the Ravara district," explains Behrendt, who is also deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group. In the development, especially the real estate and location community as well as the police should be closely involved.

Concrete suggestions on how to strengthen security are also made by the CDU and JU in the motion. For example, on Friday and Saturday evenings, additional security personnel could be constantly on site in the Ravari district. Behrendt: "It goes without saying that the use of private security services can not replace the police. It is, however, possible on the one hand to strengthen the subjective sense of security of the guests and to avoid or deescalate conflicts by constant control. According to the union of the police, such security partnerships have already proven themselves in many places. "

The CDU also proposes to better illuminate the area of ​​the Ravardistraße towards the Europaplatz so that fewer dark corners are created. "Experience shows that a relatively simple remedy, such as better lighting, can have a relatively large effect on safety," Behrendt writes in the application. In addition, a structural appreciation of the square at the stele would be desirable, according to CDU. This has already been proposed by Bocholt's citizens as part of Trend-WerkStadt.

In addition, the CDU parliamentary group requests that the already existing crime statistics of the district police for Bocholt be regularly presented in an appropriate committee. "Even if such statistics can not reflect the entire delinquency in Bocholt, it shows us how crime develops in Bocholt. In order to be able to react accordingly, we should therefore have the figures presented regularly, "Lukas Behrendt concludes.

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