CDU for water dispensers in schools

Students in Bocholt can soon use their water bottles with ease
Fill up with water dispensers? This beats at least the CDU faction Bocholt
and asks the administration to consider to what extent this is possible.

Very often, children and adolescents do not drink enough. This is especially true in
the hot summer days, as we have last experienced ??
CDU City Councilor Barbara Fölting. Like the German society for
Diet should therefore be available to students during the diet
entire school day water will be provided.

Barbara Fölting: "Water is not only much healthier than
sugary drinks, but as a thirst quencher also best suited.
Through water dispensers in schools we want to reach children less
drink sugary drinks. In addition, by the use of
Bottles less plastic waste causes. The CDU parliamentary group requested
Therefore, the administration checks how schools that want it interact with
Water dispensers can be equipped.

The application will be subject in the upcoming meeting of the
City Council on 10. Be in July.

CDU Bocholt

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