CDU puts pressure on Nordring

For the Westring parts III and IV as well as the Nordringteil I is fastest
To achieve building maturity. This calls for the CDU Group in the context of
Budget deliberations. In addition, the administration until the middle of the year 2020
develop feasible financing models and the policy for
Submit a decision. Here are also the possible new building sites
be taken into account. The CDU parliamentary group leader Burkhard Weber explains
For this:

?? The Nordring must come as soon as possible. This is in the CDU faction
clear to everyone. Only with a north connection we can find new building plots in the
northern part of Bocholt. In view of the large demand of
For example, many young Bocholt families are more urgent here
Action. But in particular the SPD has with its prioritization of the
Nordrings clearly showed in the last places that they are not interested
on new building plots for the people in Bocholt. Also the
Child safety on the way to school seems to be playing for the SPD
not particularly big role in the entire city area. Because only with the
Nordring can be particularly the truck traffic from the junction at
St. George's Gymnasium be kept away. So many dangerous
Situations on the way to school can be prevented. The CDU and the others
Parties to which the northern link has highest priority are therefore too
owe that the Nordring at least from position eight on the
Priority list can be found.

Since the measures one to seven of the priority list in the present
Draft Budget for the year 2020 are also moving forward
Realization of the Nordring finally closer. Thus, the next
Northring projects are mapped. It is necessary to do this
Elaborate financing model. This is urgently needed, because the
The state government led by the CDU is currently providing support for the
urban road construction in the amount of 70% of the eligible costs.
We must not let this money pass by. But that's it
now goal-oriented action required! We therefore submit in the context of
Budgetary consultations that the city council until the middle of the year
2020 develop feasible financing models and policy for
To submit a decision. The different expansion variants are included
the relationship between the newly available construction sites. In addition
we apply for the appropriate ring parts as soon as possible
to achieve. Because as soon as the funds are available, must immediately with the construction
can be started. Another delay may be the city of Bocholt
not afford!??

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