CDU Ortsverband Süd-Ost sets the course for the municipal election 2020

CDU Ortsverband Süd-Ost sets the course for the municipal election 2020
ALL CDU Bocholt

In their past open board meeting nominated the CDU local chapter
Bocholt South-East his candidates for the city council and district council unanimously.

For the electoral district 10 20-year-old Lina Henzen was nominated. The
trained technical modeler is deputy secretary of the
Ortsverbands, member of the city association board of the CDU Bocholt and
Assessor on the Board of the Junge Union Bocholt. Focus would like
They together with the local association the district development in the Fildeken

For the electoral district 11 the local chapter nominated the 28-year-old Julian
Kiefmann. This follows Jürgen Ahold, who for reasons of time
waived a new candidacy. Kiefmann has been a member of 2017 since
City Council and in the Committee for Transport and Economic Development as well as in the
Sports committee active. The studied economist works as a
Exam assistant at an accounting firm and is
Member of the Board of the Junge Union Bocholt. For this the
District chairman Stevens: ?? We thank Jürgen Ahold for his
Commitment to the City Council and do not regret his decision again
run. We are sure that we with Julian Kiefmann a very good
Have found successors for this constituency. ??

For the constituency 12 after the local election 2014 again Burkhard Weber
nominated. Weber is a clerical employee and chairman of the
CDU Council faction.

For the district council, the district chairman of the CDU Bocholt South-East
Christian Stevens run for office. The 23-year-old Stevens is trained
Banker and, among other things, member of the school board and
Deputy Chairman of the Junge Union Bocholt.

I am particularly pleased about the young and mixed team of ours
Local association for local elections 2020. We are sure, continue to be good
Work in the sense of the districts Biemenhorst, Fildeken, Rosenberg and Lankern
to be able to afford. Together with our designated one
Mayor candidate Thomas Kerkhoff, we are looking positively at the
upcoming election campaign time. ?? so the chairman Christian Stevens.

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