CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße

CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße
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The renovation of Dingdener Straße is delayed again and again. As the construction works are with considerable hindrance for the adjoining tradesmen and local residents, the CDU fraction Bocholt puts seven questions now to the administration. Among other things, she would like to know when the completion of the currently idle construction phase can be expected and how such delays should be avoided in the future.

Group Chairman Burkhard Weber explains: "Of course, the current renovation of Dingdener Straße is absolutely necessary, because now the partly considerable damages in the road are eliminated. But we must also remember that the construction work is associated with significant adverse effects for the adjoining traders and residents. Because the use of secret paths and the traffic routing over partially wide diversions are unsatisfactory in the long term. In addition, they mean additional burdens for the environment and the economy.

The CDU parliamentary leader demands: "Construction delays must therefore be avoided as much as possible! All the more unfortunate finds the CDU faction that last again a freeze has occurred, which apparently due to not punctual present
Material for the Laaker Bach's piping work through the city
Bocholt was created, as Burkhard Weber writes in the request together with Heinrich Welsing, chairman of the economic development committee, and Michael Wiesmann, chairman of the environmental committee. For this reason, the CDU Group asks at the next meeting of the
Committee on Transport and Economic Development at 23. May around
Answering these questions:

1. When were the individual stages of construction (ie road construction and
Water body construction) among the responsible project managers?
2. If this is a common schedule and if yes, for
When was the installation of the required special profiles scheduled?
3. When were the plans for the crossing of the Laaker stream
4. When was the currently stagnant construction phase started?
5. When did it become apparent that the originally planned installation date of the
Special profiles is no longer feasible? Would be the beginning of the work on
now still lying construction section still to shift?
6. When is now with the completion of the currently idle
Construction section and where there are more interfaces between
Straßen.NRW and the city of Bocholt in this overall construction project?
7. How will such delays be avoided in the future?

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